Friday, July 3, 2015

Red, White, Blue and Rainbow

Tonight at dinner our conversation took an interesting turn. A turn to the topic of gay marriage. It's NO secret I'm totally fine with gay marriage, unfortunately beside myself and one other (a minor) we were the only ones! I was kind of shocked. 
I just don't see the upset. I get the religious tension,upset or whatever you want to call it but what does that have to do with gay marriage in America? Let alone gay people, I mean being gay doesn't mean your not religious. 
      Maybe I'm goofy or just plain dumb but religion is religion and the right to marriage is another issue all together. I mean you can get married anywhere in America, and almost by anyone. People get married everyday by Justice of the Peace, or certified online representatives there's no religion in those ceremony and yet I hear no fussing about those people! Then why when gay people want to get married do they throw religion into the mix? 
 We live in a country that values our right to religious freedom. The discussion tonight was that gay people shouldn't have the right to marry because it's again God and the Bible. 
My point was - it might be (it might not be), but what does that have to do with a gay persons right to marry? Just because one persons religious beliefs disagree  with gay marriage, how and why should that effect a persons right to marry in America.
     I feel like people need to learn to take their religion out of the equation. Not everyone believes the same way...remember that thing called freedoms of religion.   
Now don't get all huffy on me, no need to send a priest for an exorcism, I am a woman of belief and faith. No I can not recite bible verses and honestly have felt insecure about that, but does it make me less of a Christian woman...maybe, I don't know. I don't have to explain my beliefs or inabilities to anyone. I'm sharing them here but that's  not an explanation. Judge away, I'm kind of over judge-y people, I mean really, Bible in one hand and judging me, makes sense. 
Look I don't have a problem with most people, if your nice, kind, and not carrying around a long list of criminal history I'm good!
Don't we as a nation have much more important things to focus on and fix than to worry about gay marriage. It's a marriage, that's about love not hate or criminality.
Today we will celebrate the independence of our country and I'll happily wave an American flag at the parade and a rainbow one. 

Love and Limes,


  1. Tikaa, Once, a woman I respected and looked to as a mentor said something that has stayed with me all these years. 'God gave us many responsibilities, judging others isn't one of them'. I LOVED that and it sits on my shoulder. I'm not perfect, but I try to keep this in my heart. You are a good person. K