Friday, July 10, 2015

SHARK WEEK table tops & giveaway

We are freaks for  Shark Week, obviously hence the table tops all week. As a family we have swam with sharks, sting rays and been whale watching. We kinda of like it...I didn't actually enjoy the swimming with shark all that much. I'm super fascinated with sharks but it was unnerving being in the water with them, I tapped out pretty fast. I didn't mind swimming with sting rays, they were really friendly, gigantic and oddly enough didn't feel threatening. Any whooooo.....a few years ago we started taking Shark Week to a different level with our table tops and's fun!
The bar cart got a healthy dose of shark week inspiration from Shark goblets, drink stirs and gummy candy. Most of which (all actually) was from Oriental Trading. 
The rock candy was also from Oriental Trading and I aded the gingham ribbon. 

To kick the week off I knew I wanted to use gold and bring some glam to shark week. I used one of my China patterns (Lenox - Citation Gold), shell salad dishes, kitchen papers gold confetti placemats and my Francis the 1st silver. 
Earlier the week before I spray painted some inexpensive sharks gold and added to each napkin for the final Shark Week touch. 
I have to say, my family was really sweet and complimentary. They said they really liked it. 

Another night this week we ate outside, I recently painted the table and chairs Valpar Luscious Green and threw up my Lilly Pulitizer for Target umbrella and ottomans. 
I'm trying to remember what I made for dinner - grilled carrots, mushrooms and shrimp tacos (I think). We ate outside, then rushed in to watch shark week. 
Cheers to Elderflower Lemonade.
The baskets are some of my favorites, they can go directly in the dishwasher!!! How great is that?!?!?! You can find them on Amazon (search dishwasher safe baskets), they pop right up and a set of three is like $15. 
In a pinch I threw together solid blue plates and a mix mash of Mexican Talavera and of course the bamboo flatware. There's a shark in there but you have to look close. 
I saved the most fun for last, hint Giveaway!!! 
I teamed up with a cute little Etsy shop (you know I'm an Etsy addict) named: DookaDecals. They make all kind of vinyl sticker and YES they make sharks!!! 
I found some simple white dinner plates at the dollar store and added the shark stickers (I probably wouldn't cut on top of them and definitely will hand wash). I know you might be rolling your eyes like I just lost my mind. Seriously they are cute! Eye roll away, my children liked it and the table is FUN!!!
Now the Giveaway part.
The owner of DookaDecals gave me eight GOLD shark decals and I had two blue ones left over. How shark glamorous  would gold shark plates look?? You could add them to plates, glasses, anything. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment. I'll throw in four shark goblets and drink stirs and next summer or this summer you can treat your family to a fun shark week themed dinner.  
Check out DookaDecals vinyls for sharks, deer, etc..on Etsy. 
Leave a comment to enter, no international shipping, adults only, giveaway ends Monday at midnight (central time). One winner will be randomly drawn. 

Have a great SHARK WEEK!!!!!

Love and Limes,


  1. You are so creative! I would love to do a fun shark/beach themed dinner to announce to my daughter's that we are taking them to Mexico to celebrate my husband's 40th birthday! I have been trying to think of fun ways to tell them and these would be so cute!

  2. Adorable!!! Love all your nic-nacs! Sorry for the crummy day, Yesterday! Next year, remind me, and I'll put shark cookies on my Etsy store. (FrostedSweetPeas).

  3. Okay... I love every. Single. Tablescape. You're so creative!! And sweet to boot to offer a giveaway! I've been swimming with stingrays and went diving with nurse sharks. I'm sure they count, right?!

    Happy weekend! 💙

  4. Totally Love Love the shark week décor!!! Thank you for inspiring me to celebrate something every single day Tikaa!

  5. You are fabulous!!! Love the Shark decals. I once put spider decals on my Wedgewood for Halloween. I loved it so much I left them up through Thanksgiving. I figured the Pilgrims had spiders on the Mayflower. Lol

  6. Love the shark table. Thanks for the chance.

  7. Thanks for the chance. Love your table.

  8. Awesome decor, sweet giveaway, you're my spirit animal! ;)
    ~Laura. @reedsmommie

  9. we have a love hate relationship with shark week. 😳😬. Love the shark bar cart! You make everything so fancy. I want to come to dinner.

  10. I adore your style and table settings! But even more I love that yougo all out for your immediate famly and you have inspired me to do so as well. xo, Cathy Temple

  11. Count me in! You never know when a 'shark theme ' will lift everyone's spirits. So creative.....and always giving 100X.

  12. Love your shark tablescapes. Adding the shark week ideas for next year. Enjoy your day! Cynthia

  13. Love the tablescape, but the goblets are hands down my fav part!! On a side note, have you heard back from igloo coolers yet regarding the cubes? I have ig'd and emailed them SEVERAL times to no avail. I NEED that pink cooler in my asap!!

  14. My family would love it. We wait for shark week evry year.