Monday, September 7, 2015

DIY Splatter Painted Jeans

I kept oodeling over a pair of Ralph Lauren splatter painted jeans this spring but never bit the bullet and purchase them. They were great looking and I'm not going to lie, I REALLY wanted them. 
Any whoooooo, fast forward to the onset of fall, a pair of distressed ripped jeans from Target for $20.99 and fifteen minutes of free time.
I stumbled across the jeans for a steal and it hit me - try to make the Ralph Lauren splatter jean. The worse that could happen is I ruin a pair of $20.99 jeans. 
The steps, if you hurry and run over to Snapchat you can see the video, user name: Tikaac. If requested I can make a permit video showing the "how to" splatter paint jeans.

Lay a drop cloth out, lay jeans flat and smooth out any wrinkles. I'd also suggest making sure jeans are zipped and buttoned. 
Choose your colors (I used cheap acrylic paint from the craft department of Walmart) and pour each color in a disposable bowl that your hand will fit into (must be able to put hand in bowl). 
Wear disposable gloves, dip hand into color of your choice, drip and slightly shake excess paint back into bowl. Then flick hand and fingers at jeans causing paint to splatter all over. You'll need to re-dip and splatter on jeans moving your hand as needed to areas you want color to be applied. Do this as many times as you wish in whatever color combos you like, change gloves for each color. I used white first, then black, a pale watered down pink (very little of this color) and gold metallic. I did take a dry brush and lightly go over splatters after to kind of brush in and fade out some of the splatters. 
Let dry and wear! 
I see a white button up with these, and on cold days a black turtleneck sweater with leopard flats or simple booties. I may even wear my penny loafers with them when I wear the white button up...yes I said penny loafers! 

I did not splatter the back, that might be tacky (heeheehee). The Ralph Lauren ones were not and others I've seen haven't been. If you want to splatter the back, do it! 

Will you be making a pair of splatter painted jeans for this fall???

Thanks for hanging with me.
Love and Limes,


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  2. This is such a cool idea! I love the whole idea, you just created your new favorite pair jeans. Your blog is so fun I'm glad I found you'
    xoxo Mickey.

  3. BRILLIANT!!!! I LOVE THEM!!! Totally gonna DIY a pair of these babies!!

  4. I love everything about this collection! The black croc bags are the best!