Thursday, November 5, 2015

Party Drinks with Igloo

Halloween is a big production around here, we love a cute costume and passing out candy. We invited friends and family over to share in the fun, trick or treat together and have a casual meal. It takes a lot of help, planning and prep to be ready for over 400 trick or treaters. 

The Igloo Party Bar (picture above) was a  a hit and huge help in getting everything prepared for my guest. Insulated, on wheels, dividers (Yep, dvividers), and LIGHTS!!! There is even a compartment for wine bottles (or liter soda bottles) that is also removable. The lid is removable or flips totally behind the cooler. There is a bottle opener and catch cup that slides off to empty. The cooler easily detaches from the base/wheels if so desired. It is the cooler that other coolers want to be, it's like the cool kid at the lunch table - AMAZEBALLS!!!!! 
I'm not kidding when every guest was saying, "I want one of those!" 

Another fun yet much smaller igloo product we had soooooo much fun with Halloween night - LIGHT UP ICE CUBES!!! I was walking around dropping these into everyone's drinks hearing - oh and ah's as I passed by. Then hearing, "I want another one." Definitely a party must have and perfect fun for ANY AGE. 
These Igloo Party Tubs were used to hold drinks and candy (over 400 full size candy bars). They hold a ton, are insulated, sturdy and have a drain plug in the back. I had vinyl stickers made for the festivities but see those coming off and fun new ones made for upcoming events. 

Over all the igloo products were taking on a life of there own at the party. I could have auctioned off the Party Bar and I'm pretty sure some of the igloo light up ice cubes went to new homes (totally fine). 
We loved all the igloo goodies and it was such great fun to share them with everyone. 
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Love and Limes,

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