Monday, January 25, 2016

Bar Cart the Teen Edition

Birthday parties and ideas for boys are hard! Throw in they are becoming a teenager and it becomes almost impossible, right? It's not like I can throw a monogram on things or whip some personalized party son would disown me! Rightfully so, he's a boy and although we moms see the precious in a monogram, a group of 13 year old boys do not appreciate the "precious".  
With the task of his birthday and celebrating ahead of me I had some thinking to do! He decided having a handful of friends over for basketball, laser tag, go-carts and gaming was celebrating enough for him. I was happy to follow his long as I could get some form of party decor in the mix. 
I walked past our bar cart one day and BAMN it hit me - BAR CART THE TEEN EDITION!  Party mom went into action - snacks, drinks, treats and trinkets (all teen boy pre-approved). 

I gathered supplies and my ideas all started coming together. A quick trip to the Dollar Tree to grab a few of the blue plastic baskets and order balloons and I was fast on my party decorating way. 
Next was a trip into Party City where I grabbed up a ton of popper (they pop when thrown on the ground), blue rock candy, blue gum balls and misc clear individual size dishes (for the bday boys request of individual banana puddings). The round cans of chew looking thing-y on the cart are Jack Links Jerky Chew (found on Amazon and scream teen boy). 
Now when it came to drinks I added a variety and bought the tiny cans (my little addition of a precious detail, feel free to insert eye 
I semi regret adding the balloons not sure if that put a dork factor on the whole thing but what's done is done. Had it not been constructed for a teen boy, balloons would have been accompanied by flowers. 
A couple other party deets - nacho bar! My party mom duties let me forget to take more pictures (my apologies). What boy (or person on earth) doesn't love queso and chips? 
The next morning, yep they spent the night! We all survived and I can not express how well behaved and well mannered (I can not stomach a ill mannered child) they all were! Again the next morning was a selection of donuts and sausage and cheese filled kolaches's. I may have let them have soda for thought is - not my circus, not my monkeys. They are here to have fun, bring on the sugar and carb celebration. 
We finished the celebrating with a party favor for each guest (yes a party favor, a yeti cup). I'm a dork about a party favor and sometimes you've got to let your dork flag fly!  It was a great party, memories were made and fun was had by all. 

I remember when my children were itty bitty and how special that time felt in my life and the pains of time passing so fast. Then one day it hit me like a brick wall -  every age and season is "the most fun" as moms we are blessed to experience ALL their "first" from walking to having babies of their own. Enjoy each moment, celebrate family and make memories.

Love and Limes,


  1. This is the most inventive and cutest! Those boys had the best time ever, I am sure! You always have the best ideas and the best execution of your fabulous ideas :D

    My son turned 13 the day after yours...all he wanted was steak, chocolate cake, and cash. No friends allowed. We complied, and he threw up chocolate cake all over his bedroom floor at 4 am. The pleasures of being a mom..wipe him up, and get him back to bed. xoxo Love everything you do! Ann in Austin

  2. What love and detail you put into everything you do ! I wish you were my mom!
    - Linda, ny

  3. How fun!!! I bet they loved it all. Your bar cart is my favorite. My mother-in-law was talking about a bar cart the other day and I instantly thought of you. Yours is the best. Love your blog.