Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Birthday Wish...NEED List

My birthday is next week and I have the "I wants" super bad. Not that I'm going to get any of these items but its always fun to make a list of things that would be fun to get for your birthday, right?
First on my list, and rightfully so is the Barrington Gifts Belmont Cabin Bag (from the fall collection in the axis pattern). Texas and animal hide patterns go together like HELL and YES!

Since I pack like my family is going to  leave me on a deserted island, it only makes sense that I would want the St. Charles Yacht Tote to accompany the Belmont Cabin Bag.  Its so big and LOVELY and clearly I need it...in both axis and mongrammed stripe. First link is for Axis Pattern, second link is for the monogram stripe.

I have and use the Barrington St. Anne tote (in axis)  all the time, it feels incomplete without having The Cosmetic Kit. Really doesn't that make it a need more than a want. I need it.

When the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit limited edit palette came out I immediately wanted it.  Immediately!!!! The eighty dollar price tag is what held my hand, but birthdays are for those things we wouldn't normally buy ourselves. Its still available, HINT, HINT, HINT....I know my family reads this!!!! Fingers crossed.

Prada Candy is a scent I enjoy in the summer and I'm totally out... NEED more!  I only NEED the 1.0 ounce size, its little and cute, fits nicely in my bag.
You can find it at Ulta and Sephora

You had to see this coming...YES, I NEED monogrammed Lenox Eternal China. Uhmmmmmmm, that is clearly a NEED for all women. It would mix perfectly with everything I already have and monograms are sooooooooooooooooooo IN.

I NEED a truck load of Diet Coke, like FOR REAL. Giddy and goofy would not be descriptive enough if a truck loaded down with Diet Coke wheeled up to my house and said, "Happy Birthday"
I mentioned its flows through my veins, warms my heart with its icy cold goodness and is one of the driving forces in my day.  To say I NEED diet coke is an understatement, , my love language translate into D-I-E-T C-O-K-E, to tell me you drank the last one is full on war. On the side of MY Diet Coke can where it says Share a Diet Coke, it reads NO ONE. 

Again these are all things that are a fun wish list to create. Of course I'd love anyone of them...or all of them. 
What's on your birthday wish list??

Love and Limes,

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  1. You are hilarious!!! I love your snaps...I get excited when I check throughout the day and see your name pop up!! You are full of energy, love for life and your family, and know what you like and want out of life!!! Thank you for sharing your days with us!!

  2. You're gonna want to shoot me, but can you remind me where you got the collapsible mirrors? Claire's?

  3. The birds hum, The trees sway, find more The world sings- Happy Birthday!