Friday, March 4, 2016

Snap Chat Shares ~ # 1

I share SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much on SnapChat (TikaaC), and get asked over and over to share information. If you are new to snapchat and even if you are not then let me take a second to explain - the videos (snaps) I share only last 24 hours and then they are deleted (by SnapChat). So once I share something on snapchat its not always the easiest for me to throw it back up to share again. With that said I will try to put more permanent information about the things I talk about here on my blog. Should be easier that way...right?? Let's try it! If I didn't list a talked about item, product, whatever, let me know and I can add it to the list.

These are the external chargers I shared the other day. They will charge your phone up to TEN times and you can charge two phones at once, all for $11.99 /free shipping and come in black ,blue, silver, gold and pink. They are super slim and slightly smaller than my iPhone 6s plus. I snap so much I needed more battery life. These shipped fast, come with charging cable and work.
I ordered the external chargers on eBay

NOW I did add a TWO inch vinyl monogram to mine - I DO NOT make my vinyl MONOGRAMS, I order off Etsy from

HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The leopard belt I think I wear everyday. It did sell out but the eBay shop contacted me to say they had more in. It is 1.5 inches wide, leopard look printed on cow hair (their description), with a matching buckle that is removable if you choose. IT DOES come with the buckle and I wear it as pictured. The most incredible part is that the belt is not only fabulous but its $19.99 and $3.75 shipping, available from small to large (sizes on their eBay shop) and ships quick. 
The seller I purchased from was (direct link to item)

Who doesn't love a nice, basic, pretty white top????? I shared this one and their website went bananas! Its cotton, long sleeved, a tad longer in back (NOT what I would call high-low), and the price is super affordable at $36.95. It is also available in sizes Small to XX-Large. I wear mine with a basic white tank underneath, and sometimes accessorize with a pretty scarf (see picture on Instagram). The site I purchase this top on also sells my all time favorite white cotton gowns. Make sure you check those out as well. 

The next two items are shared when I am snap chatting and packing to go on a trip...I mean horse show. I LOVE a packing cube, they keep your luggage neat, organized and I swear I can fit more in with these things. The lingerie case is a nice addition to protect your personal items (no squished bras).  For $3.56 and free shipping grab one to save your bras and make packing more enjoyable.
Search Amazon and Ebay

I get asked 999 times when I pack about my packing cubes, the ones you see most often are made by Vera Bradley and no longer available (sorry) but I have ordered these (needed more), its a six piece set and they have several colors to choose from. I want to travel as much as possible but seriously who enjoys the packing and one! Since I started using packing cubes I think it has made the task a bit easier, way more organized and again I can fit so much more in my luggage. I have not received these yet and not sure of quality but they were the closest looking to the Vera Bradley ones I already have.  They are $6.98 with $2.99 shipping. 
Mine are from EBay

I almost did not try these on, but I am so glad I did. I know gladiator sandals are a big trend this spring/summer but seriously not all trends need to be embraced by a woman in her forty's. These work for us more mature women, they don't go up the leg (like many I see) which is way to young of a look for someone my age. DO NOT get the ones that lace up the calves.  
These are great looking, on trend for this spring/summer and look great on.
They are from Target and available online and in store for  $22.99

The picture above this and below are both from B the Collection. They sell great looking cardigans, tunics, dresses, pants, name it. They are classic, preppy style clothing that is well made and not to short or tight, their clothing will NOT age you but make you look more fashionable as well as classy and put together. The fabulous ladies over at B the Collection have shared a coupon code with me to give to you all and OMG it's for 40% your purchases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The code is bvip40    **** This coupon code only gives you all a discount, I get nothing for sharing the code or items. 

COUPON CODE for 40% off: bvip40
**** This coupon code only gives you all a discount, I get nothing for sharing the code or items. 

I hope all the information I shared will help you all in your searches.
What is your go to items?

Love and Limes,

* none of the links above are through an affiliate. 


  1. I need a mexican top like all of yours, I love them.
    SA here I come.


  2. the BELT, perfection! thank you for sharing so many do not.

    Tracy, CA