Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dinner Disposables

Let me start with saying that now is the perfect time to get your summer gear together, by that I mean your paper goods. Summer is a time when I do still use my china and such but we are even more on the go than normal so I stock up on disposables for a quick night on the go. Now with that being said I don't mean run to your local drugstore and grab a pack of 100 white paper plates. I mean have some fun with it, disposables are inexpensive and FUN, if your child loves Frozen, have a dinner with all Frozen paper products. It's about making memories and have a fun night as a family.

I shared our 100% disposable dinner look on instagram ( TotallyTikaa) and Snapchat (Tikaac) and got hundreds of questions, to the blog I came to answer you all. 
Everything in the picture is completely disposable and made for super fast clean up. You all know I love my china and use it almost every night, but a girl needs a night of fast clean up once in a while, RIGHT???  With summer coming I'm stocking my stash of dinner disposables.

Lets start with with these gorgeous place mats, they are PAPER and come on a pad of 30 for $29.00
They are the prettiest paper place mats, I mean seriously they could be framed. Seriously!
You can find them HERE

After I started setting the table and looked at the time and everything ahead of me for the evening, I thought I should go for fast clean up. Out came the pretty disposable faux china plates, bowls, flatware and glasses. Pookie calls them my Fhina ( fake china, get what she did). You can find the plates and bowls HERE

The link above for the placemats also sells the following, I have the gold confetti ones above, but WOW that swan is fancy!


These paper place mats have unlimited customization, from pattern, color and monogram. The lady that owns this Etsy shop is easy peasy to work with and super accommodating. You'll love her.
How perfect are they for summer (or any time). There are 50 place mats on the pad for $40.00, don't forget they would make great hostess gifts, mothers day, treat YO self gift.
Find them HERE

Pineapples are THE summer MUST! From pool floats to candles. You'll fine a pineapple shape on everything. That being said, I had to throw a pineapple paper plate in for you all. The gold makes it even prettier. You can find them HERE - order up they won't last.

Because I love a pretty plate of ANY kind these had to be mentioned. Ombre summer colors.
These are the next two plates can all be found on the link for the pineapple plate.

These little scalloped plates are tiny (4 inches)!  Scalloped and tiny = LOVE.
Summer, pool side, wine and a sweet little scalloped plate with hors d'oeuvres, can't you just picture it!
Again they are available through the same link as the pineapple plates.

I HAD TO, Cinco de Mayo is literally around the corner. 
Viva la cute paper plate!!!!!
Again available through same site as pineapple plates.

If your having cocktails you need a cocktail napkin, I mean what are we uncivilized.
These are Caspari and do I even need to mention that a flamingo is a summer must. Pink, cute, tropical, yep that's summer.
Find them

I had to add these for you all, I love them. They are also available through the Flamingo napkin link as well. They would look cute paired with the pineapple plates.

We are discussing disposables so we have to talk about adding in some monogrammed guest towels and cocktail napkins. I personally love both of these sizes of napkins. They can both be found 


I mean if you are going to the effort to have cute, place mats, plates and napkin then you MUST have pretty disposable flatware.  These run about $8.00 for a 48 piece set. The site has all kinds of goodies.
Find these 

I love gold so I see gold plastic flatware as a must, I mean who doesn't?
Find these 

These might be my favorites, Wood, cute silhouette and a different look over the plastic.
Find them 

We've talked plates, napkins, etc,,, we need a glass. Why not make it cute and personalized.
This seller has all kinds of options, monograms and colors and both glasses pictured are from the same shop. You can find them 

I've been posting the stuff you all ask for. I hope it  answers the "Where do I get that" questions  and you all get the answers you need to direct you to the "'stuff" your most interested in.

Love and Limes,


  1. I SUPER love Meri Meri and had no idea that they had a website to order from. Oh Boy! Do you mind telling where you got the acrylic tray that you can change the papers out in? Thanks!

  2. Such cute paper goods! I didn't know there were so many options nowadays. Good to know!
    -Linda, ny

  3. This totally makes me want to set my table pretty for everyday dinners... it only happens for holidays in my house!! I know you just died a little inside for me saying that!! lol You make it look so easy and doable!! Sort of wish I found your blog before I passed on all my fancy serving dishes and dinnerware! darn it!! xo, mtdsmom

  4. Live the pineapple plates!