Friday, April 1, 2016

Snap Chat Shares #5

Another week, another Snapchat shares, and this week has been full of Round Top antique shopping and taking care of  Harriet. If your new here, Harriet is out Airedale and was gravely ill this past week and apparently poisoned. She was given the BEST care by our Vet and their staff and is recovering. She is still weak and not close to a hundred percent but she's alive and getting better and better every day. No, she did not get into anything in our home, we do not know what happened or how and honestly I've stopped trying to figure it out. I'm so happy she's ok and getting better I just don't care. Big picture is she's a great dog, I love her  and she's going to  be ok. Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers and kind comments they mean so much to all of us.
She's so cute, she could totally doggie model, right???????

I wore these pants but in a  natural color the other day and they were a hit. I purchased mine years ago and bought every color. I wear them a ton, they are linen, wide leg and easy to wear.  NOT pricey at all, I think $60 and come in a great selection of colors and sizes. Yes they do require ironing, but they look fabulous with almost anything.  You can find this pair and others on the site I am linking. I know nothing about this shop but they had the pants and you all wanted to know where to find them. I found them!
  I wear them with the white top (see snap chat shares #1).

The brands of linen I personally have the best luck with are:
Match Point, Flax, Hearts Desire, CP Shades, Cut Loose, Betty Hadikusumo, Tina Givens and Magnolia Pearl
My best suggestion is to google those brands, tons of online shops pop up. Stay away from linen with patterns and crazy styles. Keep it basic and simple and they will work for you for a long time. It's easy to add flare and style to solid basic pieces with scarves, jewelry, shoes, handbags, etc.. 

My friend Monica introduced me to this wipes and all I can say is THANK YOU.  Herban Essentials is a wipe that only has three ingredients and a scent selection for GROWN people. They do sell them at Target but only in packs of specific scents, I ordered mine on Amazon to get the package with the three different scents. There online shop is nice and offers more scents than the three I've shown ( lavender, peppermint and lemon). I didn't check there first, I should have and will reorder directly from them. 

I am a slipper girl, I have worn out a pair of these and have purchased two more since for myself and many, many, many pairs as gifts. They are straw but surprisingly comfortable, I mean like really comfy. You can pick your ribbon, monogram color and style, etc... the shop owner is easy peasy and I have been more than happy with every purchase from her.  Bonus, they are only $30 dollars.

My current bronzer love is by Physicians Formula ( drug store ) Butter Bronzer. It smells like a pina colada, FOR REAL it does. Under $15, applies like silk, not patchy or orange, it leaves a subtle bronze glow.  I like it more than my Nars bronzer.  I have been grabbing for this one every day since I bought it almost a month ago. 

I'm using the L'Oreal Brow Stylist Definer. It's comparable to a high end brand I've used for a while and I like it better so I'm going to stick with it. It's about $8, easy to find (any drugstore), works like a dream. 

I have purchased this bag so many times, because I am obsessed! I shared another similar one, but these are slightly different in construction (both well made), she offers a variety of sizes and colors and bonus she has an Etsy shop. I cut the ribbon off, I like a cleaner look on the bag. They are a plastic woven bag but sturdy, easy to clean if needed and hold a ton. A PERFECT summer tote and under $60.  Plus your pool bag or beach bag won't look like every other mom at the club. She ships uber fast! I have a pink one on the way, I'll share when it arrives. I have given several friends this very bag and my mom. It makes a great gift for family or friends and a wonderful hostess gift ( which reminds me). Check her Etsy shop out, its a simple way to see the totes, the colors and sizes and order up one for yourself, summer is just around the corner ( I use mine all year).

Yes I need them to see, especially if i want to drive a car, watch television, walk! I do wear contacts and until November I only wore contacts and then my eyes became all old and dry. I tried different brands of contacts, drops, you name it I tired it and nothing really helped. I decide to give glasses a try for a while thinking maybe my eyes needed a contact break, I have worn them since middle school. I had this pair of reading glasses laying around ( yes, reading glasses...I'm 45) and I really liked them and thought I'd like them with my prescription in them. I went to WALMART where I purchased them from and asked in there optical department if they could take out the lenses and put my prescription in. They said sure! I went over by the Advil and such and bought a new pair for $14.00 and dropped them off at the optical department and for an additional $200 + dollars for the prescription lenses I had a pair of glasses in a week.
I could NOT find them on Walmart site, I purchased them in an actual store over by the pharmacy ( NOT IN THE OPTICAL DEPARTMENT). They are Foster Grant men's reading glasses. I found the exact pair I have here

Another week, another shares. I hope it helps you all find what you are looking for. If  I forgot something leave a comment and I can add the information. Thanks for joining me here, Instagram and SnapChat.

Love and Limes,

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  1. Thanks for another round of Snapchat Shares. I love them! And I look forward to your What Not to Wear series! That should be quite entertaining. As soon as I heard your mention toe rings, I immediately said to myself "and no ankle bracelets." Glad when I heard you add that to your snaps. It's funny you brought up toe rings when you did. I was flipping through tv channels and paused on HSN. The were showing their TSV which was a Vince Camuto tote. After that, they went into his shoes. Since nothing else was on at the time, I hung on for a while. I could not believe the number of models that had on toe rings with their sandals and strappy shoes. I immediately thought to myself, don't they realize how tacky those toe rings look!?!?

    However, I missed out on why no capri pants! Please explain again.

    Also, I don't know if you have ever tried TheraTears Liguid Gel Lubricant Eye Gel. While my daughter was going through cancer, the chemo caused very dry eyes and tear ducts (as well as dry mouth, etc.). They are really great to put in overnight but also work as extra strength drops during the daytime. I love the packaging as well. They come in a box with individual packets inside. Each packet contains 4 sterile, individually sealed single-use containers. Great for throwing in your tote, keeping in the car, bedside, etc. They really helped her and I even started using them if I need some drops to soothe my eyes with all of the pollen that abounds. I think the fact they are gel makes a big difference.

    Have a blessed day and a wonderful time at the horse show!

    1. Okay the no capri pant thing - they make you look dated ( think granny). I say it in friendship and kindness, do not wear Capri pants...unless your eighty and then wear whatever you want. I know your not eighty and you don't want to appear older and less fashionable. Get some flood pants ( slightly above ankles or have a pair of jeans altered ( thats what I do). You'll look current and fashionable, I promise. Thank you for the eye drop information, I'll be picking up asap. I hope your daughter won her battle against cancer. The toe ring, UGH why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Have a great day. Thanks for always hanging out with me here, and all my other medias.

  2. Ok girlfriend I'll be purchasing most of this list ! From canon cameras to Mexican totes you are my shopping guru ( my husband is not amused ;)
    - Linda, ny

    1. linda,
      post some pics for me to see, PLEASE....and thank YOU!You can send them to me direct on insta.
      Thanks for the high five, my NYC friend.

  3. Thank you for the Snap Chat Shares! Thinking about getting SnapChat just so I can follow you, but not sure I will be able to figure it out. Love you on IG!

    1. Lisa,
      I share so much more on snapchat than instagram because it is so much fun and a video. Get a tween or teen to help show you the ropes of snapchat and you'll be hooked in no time.

  4. Thanks for another great share! I want to check out the bronzer. I love the smell of "summer." I just ordered a pair of the slippers as a birthday gift for my "hard to buy for" mother-in-law. Thank you for all the great inspiration!!!

    1. Aleah,
      I am so happy you all want me to share, it is my pleasure. Thanks for the lovely comment and hanging with me her and all my other social media's.

  5. Please never stop blogging. Reading it is the highlight of my day! k thanks :)

  6. Miss Tikaa,
    You are the best. I have been wanting your reading/real glasses from Walmart for a while. You mentioned how they came to be, a while ago. I just knew that I'd never find the same ones in my 1.5's, at our Walmart. I have ordered them from Amazon with much gratitude. You did all the work.

    Warmly, K