Friday, April 15, 2016

Snap Chat Shares #7

This week we had an overnight field trip with my son's seventh grade class ( I shared on snapchat), Harriet had to go back to the vet ( she's ok) and we are finishing the week with a horse show.
Here are a couple of the weeks favorites. If I left something off, leave a comment and I'll get the information posted.

Jan McLaughlin Earrings
You all ask all the time, about the earrings I wear. This is one of the pairs I have and if you watch snapchat regularity or as I call it Tikaa TV then you've seen the many different variations I have of  Jan's earrings.  I have this exact picture with Jan linked  on my Instagram ( TotallyTikaa). 
But if you are not Snapchat or Instagram familiar I'll post the information here
She has a website but it's not current and does NOT have the earrings listed but she does have an Instagram( user name: jansmclaughlin).
Jan McLaughlin
Cell # 830-377-3900
 AGAIN the earrings are NOT on her website but ARE on her Instagram, I know she accepts credit cards and paypal. She ships quick too!!!!! Contact her on Instagram, she will get you the earrings you are after. They are $165.00 a pair

Iken Watches

I've been wearing these fun watches and am so hooked.  Dang it they are FUN and so affordable. You build you own - pick dial color, then add the case around the dial color, straps, bezel all is 100% your choice. Bonus they are $35.00 and additional pieces are from $1.99 to $22.00 and the color options include every color of the rainbow and beyond.
Keep your eyes open for a giveaway ( to be announced on snapchat), Iken watches has offered to give one of my followers a watch of their own. 
You can shop for Iken Watches 

Match Point Linen
You all know I have a love of LINEN for spring and summer, basically  I love it in my life all year..Texas weather makes it doable ). One of my favorite linen brands ( I have shared there information before) is MATCH POINT. They are the most affordable brand of linen I've found but best of all they are great looking, hold up and fabulous. What I have on in this picture ( from yesterday ) is a layering of two Match Point pieces.  The white is considered a dress ( but I'm not wild about how my legs look at moment (eczema) so I threw on some basic black leggings), and the other is a great layering piece. I don't see a name of the pieces on the clothes ( sorry). I'll link a site that sells a lot of Match Point.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Love and Limes,
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Instagram: TotallyTikaa
* NONE of the links are from an affiliate 

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  1. I messaged Laura from meximexi on etsy for two bags - I need mets colors / bright orange or blue. Thx for the referral Tikaa!!!!
    -Linda, ny