Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Affordable Spring Fashion #totallytikaamademedoit

 I have a few trips coming up and spring is on the way, who doesn't want new additions to the closet??!?!?!? Below are a few things I already own or recently ordered. 
I have to make this one short, its card night and my internet was out most of the day.

I would say that is post this definitely on the much more affordable size of fashion but still full of great selections and looks. 
Y'all have seen this on on me and know I also bought it in black. Its simple, with a little interesting ties above the elbow, Looks great with jeans, linen pants, so far I have found it looks great with all kinds of pants.
Find it and the black on by CLICKING HERE

This one is currently on the way to me in cream and I can't wait.
To find it by CLICKING HERE

This one was not in my size but dang I wish it was, affordable and in navy ( also available in black) and I LOVE the sleeves.
Maybe they have it in your size, CLICK HERE to see if your size is available.

Again I wanted this top SOOOOOOOOOOOO bad, how pretty for spring?!?!?!? Again not available in my size, which is a bummer because on top of being so pretty its only $44.99
CLICK HERE to see if your size is still available

This one I DID order, YAY it was available in my size. It should be in here a day or two and I'm wearing immediately with jeans. I ordered white but it is available in black as well and better than that its only $23.00

I do not like this one with the tan pant but I think a white jean would look GREAT.

I am obsessed with jogger pants lately. They are cute, comfy and yet stylish and a bit edgy looking. They have become my go to pant of late.
Y'all know I have an issue with black, I feel like it looks odd on me but I have been trying to embrace it and having some success. You will see these on me, and they were only $39.99
Find these black jogger pants by CLICKING HERE

These are a great alternative if the others in linen were not your jam, but honestly I like them all. Jogger pants are my "thing" right now. 
Find these by CLICKING HERE 

I have a pair of camo pants ( they are old ) but I found these and yep I have a pair but these are in my cart ( they are $29.99). Find them by CLICKING HERE

Y'all ask where I find my jeans and I'm answsering. 
Find these by CLICKING HERE

When I was getting the tops and jogger pants I found this simple cover up for this summer.
You can find it by CLICKING HERE

These are so similar to my Chanel espadrilles ( which you can find this years Chanel style by CLICKING HERE)  that I had to share. These are a great looking alternative ($27.99) and available by CLICKING HERE

I'm hooked on espadrilles and these are headed my way ( $15.99). Espadrille/rope look with a criss cross slide very now and will totally make you look like you are in the KNOW.
Find them by CLICKING HERE

My other recent obsession is sneakers....I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the whole athletic look is very in, so why not. I needed a grey pair, and these are a little edgy looking, comfy and $24.99
Find them by CLICKING HERE   These are on the way to me as I type.
I get asked all the time about these sneakers. I have gold, and like them but kind of wish now I would have bought black.
I have them on today (check out snapchat)
Find them by CLICKING HERE

I have these earrings and can't wait to wear them more this spring and summer.
The come in eight colors, are light weight and a great price point.
You can find them by CLICKING HERE

One last jewelry item to share. I love a pretty gold ring especially when paired with a few simple gold bracelets. This one is a fun fashion piece that gives you the look with only spending $45.00

I know I've shared a lot lately but I'm trying to keep on top of the information for you all and writing the blog post. 
Spring is in the air ( at least here it is) and I'm ready for some fun spring looks.

Thanks for spotting by and reading.

Love and Limes,

* some of the items listed are linked through an affiliate link. That does not effect the price of anything you may purchase. Nor does it effect my opinions on what I like or wear.  


  1. Adorable picks. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Spring is in the air in Texas and that always makes me want clothes more than any other time of year.
      Happy to share and thank for stopping by.

  2. Love these, thanks so much! Is there a disclosure of affiliate linking that I'm missing though? The FTC is so strict these days.

    1. Yes, thanks for asking. Plus there may be a link to all the things I list and it may be through a affiliate but that does not mean I get paid for it. There are lots of things I link that have no monetization what so ever. Plus lets be real its pennies. Thank you for asking and yes its there.
      Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.