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All Time Favorites in Makeup, Skin Care, Fragrance and Hair Care #totallytikaamademedoit

I try to answer you all and on top of wanting to know about some of my clothing lately you all ask about products, especially on live. I mean I sit and put my makeup on while chatting on Instagram live so I get it. 
Below are all products I use (only two are new) regularly and most are hardcore favorites. I mix drug store and high end, which y'all see on Instagram live. Again you all asked and I said I would answer so here ya go.

Every morning before doing my make up I start by wiping my face with one of the three wipes below. I use one for a few days or use two different ones. There is no rhyme or reason, maybe just habit, but these are the ones I like.
Number One Favorite!!!!!!!!!!!! It smells like oranges a bit and I love the way my skin feels (it has vitamin c in them whats not to love). 
you can find them by CLICKING HERE ( These takes you to the option of a pack of 10 wipes or 30 wipes) or  CLICKING HERE  to get to the site that sells them in a pack of 100 wipes, which is what you all see on Instagram Live or Snapchat. I've bought the 100 count pack three times now, they have not ever dried out on me before getting to the end.
These work great to get the makeup off and leave your skin feeling refreshed, I don't use them generally to remove makeup but they do work get to take the day away! Now with all that being said my daughter does not like these but only because of the texture of the wipe. She says it bothers her, I don't notice it having a odd texture but that is something everyone has there opinions on. They are drug store and I've seen them in Walgreens and such places. 
If you need online you can find them by CLICKING HERE

These are a toner and the rare day I feel oily ( I said rare, because I am DRY, DRY, DRY) but these do feel nice and my skin feels awake after using.
You can find them by CLICKING HERE

EVERY SINGLE DAY and NIGHT  I use this product. Twice a day, everyday! If I skip, I can definitely tell in my skin.  I put on right after the wipes and before my moisturizer ( I'm not sharing a moisturizer because I don't have a current favorite) .
I have used this serum for several years now, and never travel without it, start each day with it, its my vitamins for my face. You can find it by CLICKING HERE

I know I said I don't have a favorite moisturizer and this is kind of a moisturizer but its really a primer ( at least that is what I use it for). I am on my third bottle and almost out and will absolutely  repurchase. I mention how many times I have repurchased products to emphasize how much I actually like them. If I'm willing to buy over and over that says something. I am a fan of It Cosmetics at least a few anyway. To find the It Cosmetics No. 50 Serum Anti-Aging Collagen Veil Primer CLICK HERE

This one is new to me, you all saw me apply it today while chatting on Instagram live. I've been wearing it for the past six and half  hours and so far I like it and plan on using again tomorrow. It is solid serum technology with a combo of anti-aging benefits as well as a physical sunscreen (SPF 50) all according to the box. 
My best description is that is it extremely creamy, feels hydrating, my skin even after six plus hours of wear feels nice, no dryness or patching coming off, all in a all I think it will be a win. I would say its a medium to full coverage ( you can build). In the It Cosmetics CC+ cream I wear the color medium but in the Confidence in a Compact I brought home light ( matches great) the medium in this foundation looked really dark on me.
You can find the Confidence in a Compact by CLICKING HERE

This has been a go to foundation ( I know they don't call it a foundation) for a couple of years now, its reliable, works and I like it! The bonus to the It Cosmetics foundations are not only the coverage and feel but the SPF, I love not having to add a separate sunscreen. 
You can find It Cosmetics CC+ ( Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream) by CLICKING HERE

This foundation feel luxurious! Its a pricey but OH MAN its NICE. Its absolutely full coverage and gets the job DONE!! I don't wear this one on the daily, its more of a special occasion ( night out or event), want to feel fancy kind of foundation.  In my opinion at least. I could see how someone might use it everyday ( it feels so nice and looks lovely on the skin) but it is pricey. Your choice! It comes in 26 shades, I apply with a brush but a beauty blender works nice to.
You can find the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick by CLICKING HERE

You all have seen me use this foundation over and over ( I'm on my third bottle), its hands down my favorite drug store foundation. This stuff is awesome!!!!!!  It comes in 15 different shades, they recently released a lighter shade.  Its all of $10, full coverage, stays on and looks great on the skin.
You can find it by CLICKING HERE

I have two favorite concealers and this one is the top high end, you all have seen me use it on Instagram live and how my tube is almost all black because all the wording is all worn off. This one is from It Cosmetics ( I told you all I like a few of there products). Its concealing, doesn't enhance my fine lines, and keep my under eye area from looking dry.
You can find the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer by CLICKING HERE 

On the drugstore side of concealers you all know this one wins with me. Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser again keeps my under eyes from looking dry and doesn't settle in fine lines and enhance the wrinkles. Lets face it, I have wrinkles if you're over forty you do and no amount of concealer or foundation is going to change that but we don't want it to enhance it either. I don't think this concealer or the one above do. 
You can find the Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser at drugstores, if you need an online source you can find it by CLICKING HERE

Oh yikes I'm not even half way with post, I might be shortening up things and getting down to the real details, like where to find things.
This powder is so soft and finely milled, its perfect for setting your under eye area, heck its great all over. Its also available in a loose powder form, I like both ( its personal preference ).
You can find the compact by CLICKING HERE OR HERE
If you prefer the loose powder you can find it by CLICKING HERE OR HERE

Currently this powder foundation is my number one. 
You can find it by CLICKING HERE

My go to drug store powder, I purchase it CVS or Walgreen's. 
If you need an online source CLICK HERE

My favorite high end bronzer is not flashy, leaves a little color behind and gives you a nice glow with out looking like an Oompa Loompa. Its by Too Face and found by CLICKING HERE OR HERE

Drug store bronzer favorite, you've seen mine and I've hit pan and am quickly using it up. Again it won't make you look like an Oompa Loompa. You can find this one at drug stores its by Physicians Formula or online by CLICKING HERE  It comes in two shades, light bronze or bronze, I wear bronze.

Y'all this BLUSH is my favorite blush of EVER ( even over high end ), it has some shine to it ( not glitter or shimmer), it just makes your cheeks look luminous. I do use a flat top kabuki brush to apply  and generally when you all are watching it probably looks like I'm beating it into my cheeks ( I'm not).
You can find it in drugstore, if you need a online site try HERE

This is my second favorite ( and I'm a girl who loves blush) it has a nice glow to it, pretty color and adds just the right about of luminosity. You can find it by CLICKING HERE  OR  HERE

I use this and the next palette over and over. Absolutely the top favorites.
Find the Morphe 350 palette by CLICKING HERE its not sold in drugstores but considering that you get 35 eye shadows for $22.99 I'd say its a deal

I am on my third Lorac Unzipped palette there are three shades in there that I can't get enough of . 

This palette is the other new to me item and I did wear today and plan to wear again tomorrow. I bought because its from Pixi but is a collaboration with It's Judy Time ( a You Tuber) and I have feel the need and desire to support other women in their collaborations. We all need support each other and the bonus is its a beautiful palette easily found at Target.

The only black eyeliner ( color is Trooper) I use. Its a felt tip, glides on and stays on, that's all I need ( comes in brown too and its my go to brown liner as well)

I use a setting spray but the Charge Water adds a bonus glow.
You can find it HERE

A current drugstore setting spray that I am totally into is by Milani,  It has a great mist, super fine and only $10.  You can find it by CLICKING HERE

This one is no surprise, I've been using it and the one below for over a year now and to say its my favorite is an understatement. You all know I love it, see me use it and repurchase it over and over.
You can find It Cosmetics Superhero mascara  by CLICKING HERE  ( that links you to QVC were you can get two tubes for $26.36 and $3.00 shipping)
One tube at Ulta for $24.00 by CLICKING HERE
or try the travel size by CLICKING HERE

My second favorite mascara and was in first place for a long time is the Covergirl The Super Sizer. You can find it by CLICKING HERE

The amount of these lip liners I have been through is unbelievable,  its my solid FAVORITE hands down! It works great with my skin tone, its a nice shade of pink but not to pale or baby pink looking,  A near perfect shade of nude pink ( at least for me anyway) and I pair with any of the lip products below on the daily,
You can find it by CLICKING HERE

I shared this picture on Instagram, I was cleaning out my purse and honestly had all SEVEN of those in my purse. They are all by Colour Pop in their lippie stix shade Skimpy you can find it by CLICKING HERE   did I mention its only $5.00

The lip gloss I wear constantly is by Pop Of Pink Cosmetics in the color Sweet Dreams
You can find it HERE

Eye Brushes can be found HERE

These are the brushes you all see me use all the time to put on my foundation and blush ( yes, blush I like to beat it into my face). They are extremely affordable, feel nice and work.
You can find them by CLICKING HERE

I also have this set of Morphe brushes and use a combination of these and the ones above.
You can find them by CLICKING HERE

I use this every time I wash my hair. EVERY TIME and I have fine, straight hair and this does not weigh it down. 
You can find it by CLICKING HERE

I needed a new blow dryer, I had dropped mine to many times and a spark flew out of it so in the trash it went. I asked on snapchat for everyone's recommendations on blow dryers and this one had the most recommendations by leaps and bounds.
You can find it by CLICKING HERE  or  CLICKING HERE

You all know my search for the best round brush. I generally use a round brush and blow dryer to style m hair and I have had the same round brush forever ( the barrel is about to break off). This is the one I have found to replace mine. You can find it by CLICKING HERE

I have two favorite dry shampoos and I'd love to use my high end favorite every day but HOT DANG its pricey, so I use it on special occasions. I use dry shampoo everyday, even after freshly washed and styled hair I use it, it adds texture and volume ( I need that). This is my favorite drug store brand and the one I tend to grab daily, it works, smells nice and does magically things to my hair.
You can find it by CLICKING HERE  its currently buy one get one half off.

I wish I would have NEVER tried this dry shampoo, I love it but yikes its $$$ and I can go through a can of dry shampoo quick. I save this one for special events/occasions.
You can find it by CLICKING HERE

Don't stop now you are almost to the end.

My current favorite scent 
You can find out all the details and notes by CLICKING HERE

Another scent I'm hooked on lately, find all the details and notes by CLICKING HERE

OH MY GOODNESS THAT TOOK FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all made it to the end and were able to get information on products you have seen me use on Instagram Live or Snapchat. 

What are some of your favorites or products you think I should try??

Love and Limes,

* some of the items (not all) listed are linked through an affiliate link. That does not effect the price of anything you may purchase. Nor does it effect my opinions on what I like, purchase or wear.


  1. Oh Tikaa I'm so glad you did this post! Makes it so convenient for me to order the things you've talked about that have interested me! Thanks! :-)

    1. Happy to share and I agree I think it will make it easy. I felt like I was repeating myself a lot and I know some people had an issue with than. On the other hand I only repeated because you all would ask and I want to help.
      Thanks for the kind comment.

  2. Great post. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for always being so kind and supportive, I always enjoy when you pop on Instagram Live.

  3. Just ordered a sample of your Elizabeth and James perfume. Yesterday, ordered a tank you recommended. Love all of your recommendations. Keep them coming!

    1. I love that perfume, hope you enjoy it to. I have one on my birthday list I am anxious to try.
      Have a great weekend.

  4. Heard about you by listening & watching Mellissa55. Both of you gals are amazing. Love your ideas and recommendations. Can't thank you enough! SuSu

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