Monday, February 27, 2017

My Birthday Wish List

My Birthday is next week ( the 9th) and 
I have a wish list ( who doesn't make at least a mental list of birthday wants). 

Top of the list are these pants in black and the jammies below.
Find the black pants by CLICKING HERE

I really want these jammies! 
I travel alot and feel like these would 
 be comfy and travel well.
Find the top by CLICKING HERE
and to find the pants CLICK HERE

I want the cardigan to to go with the set, 
to switch out with a tank and the pants ( options are nice, right)
To find this cardigan CLICK HERE

This one should be at the top, THE VERY TOP
I really really would love to have this bag for summer. 
Its a classic tote, beautiful straw, an all around gorgeous bag. 
Find this bag by CLICKING HERE

I've wanted these for a while! 
I kept saying I'll order a pair and just never have. 
Maybe this birthday will be the year I finally get a pair.  
Size 9, please and thank you.
Find these ballet flats by CLICKING HERE

I recently took a trip and left all my external batteries behind. 
I have been given lots of suggestions to purchase this one,
 as much as I snapchat and Instagram live an external battery
 ( actually more than one) is very necessary.
This one can be found by CLICKING HERE

I do need ( seriously I do) a need new carry on wheeled piece of luggage 
and no I don't need a Louie one but its only a wish list
 and if I am being honest this is the one I'd love to have.

This is way more practically priced and beautiful. 
My initials are TCL is anyone is wondering. 
The price is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more affordable ($199)
 and I love that it has a hard shell with leather trim detailing, 
four spinning wheels and fits in the overhead compartment. Travelers dream!
You can find it ( and it's larger version) by CLICKING HERE

I mentioned I travel frequently and recently
 I've decided its time to purchase more travel friendly items. 
This one is definitely on the list of needs....and wants (bonus its $39)
Find this tiny little facial cleansing device by CLICKING HERE
I'm hooked on my big DryBar Buttercup blow dryer
 and its not easy packing it, so the travel size is really a need, right??
  On Instagram Live I've been teasing Jen about coming to Little Rock
 so we can shop and purchase the travel Buttercup together.  
To find Buttercup ( the travel size) CLICK HERE
I have yet to try  any Viseart products. 
Its hard to make the jump when an eye shadow
 palette is $80.00 but what's a birthday list with out the
 luxurious ( doesn't mean you'll get them its just fun to list). 
This particular palette is exclusive and found by CLICKING HERE

I love this lip balm and ALWAYS need a tube.
You can find it by CLICKING HERE

This brand has had me curious for some time now
 and well why not ask for the kit for my birthday.
Find these skin care products by CLICKING HERE

Again this is another skin care product that interest me, 
its a mask, has honey in the name....two things I love! 
Y'all know I like a mask of any kind.
Find this mask by CLICKING HERE

You can never go wrong with a candle and this one
leads the list of  candle favorites.

These dog coasters are fun, and whimsical. 
I would adore using these to place my drink on.
Find them by CLICKING HERE

"Dream List"

I love a funky shoe, I mean I can't help myself I just DO! 
 These are fun and funky and WOW I'd love them.
To find these go HERE

I said I like funky shoes. 
These blue and white stripe knotted sandals are so summery 
and I just love them. Find these HERE

A girl can dream and if fun funky shoes are your thing like me,
 then these are a must be on the list.
Find them HERE

If anyone's shopping, I wear a 9. Just saying.

Do I think I'll get anything on the list, who knows. 
Its just fun to make ( like a Christmas list).  I feel blessed everyday.

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful week.

Love and Limes,

* some of the items listed are linked through an affiliate link. That does not effect the price of anything you may purchase. Nor does it effect my opinions on what I like or wear.

***** Would you all like me to post details on how I hung my towel racks in my kitchen???


  1. Yes - directions, video - all of the above to demonstrate the Tikaa process for the towel rack! Love the blog, Cheers! Sarah J (aka Raisindetre ;-) )

  2. YES! Want details on the towel racks with your adorable collection of towels :)

  3. This post seems like you are expecting a hand out from your "followers". It's really off putting that you would throw out your sizes and basically ask strangers to buy you these things. Maybe for your birthday you can "wish" to be less materialistic.

    1. Now Organized Macy. That wasn't very nice of you to say. I don'f feel that way at all! If you don't like what Tikaa is sharing, then why follow her?.....Her BLOG. Her choice of what to write and share.