Monday, February 27, 2017

Sheet Mask Cover

If you watch me on Instagram live or Snapchat then more than likely you've seem me looking like Hannibal Lecture or Mike Myers girlfriend. The reason is simple, I usually have a sheet mask on (skin care in important) and then this cover over it. 
The cover is reusable, I rinse with warm soapy water and hang to dry after using.  
It keeps your sheet mask on and allows you to move around freely 
without the worry of your sheet mask falling off. An extra bonus to wearing
 a silicone mask over your sheet mask is the sheet mask does not dry out as fast. 
There are no skin care benefits to wearing only the silicone cover, 
you must put a sheet mask on under the silicone cover.  
It is strictly to hold your sheet mask in place and keep the moisture longer.
You can find the one I use by CLICKING HERE

Another frequent question of late has been what color polish am I wearing. 
This is it!

Hope that bit of information helps anyone interested.

Have a great week.
Love and Limes,

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