Sunday, February 26, 2017

Where do I get my Mexican Dresses and Tops??

I get asked day in an out where I get my Mexican tops and dresses. Y'all know its a daily question on Instagram Live, so much so some of y'all have started to answer for me.  Now we can all answer with the same response, "the information is on the blog, search Mexican dresses it will pop up."

The answer is below, as well as a few online options.
The pictures are all of my own collection of tops and dresses. ALL OF WHICH I have purchased and paid for any alternations at my own expense and share with you all because it is a frequently asked question.

When purchased this pink dress with orange embroidery was long. A simple alteration and its a cute short summer dress ( or in Texas a any time of the year dress).

This top was a dress and again an easy alteration and BAMN its a top.

If you ever see a white on white dress or top, GRAB it!!!!!!!!!! They are hard to find.

They make a great swim suit cover up.

The best help I can give you all is the following:

1. If you are in Texas and come to the Round Top Antique show (twice a year: spring/fall) then there.

2. When I go to San Antonio, Texas I generally hit up the Mexican Market across from Mi Tierra's restaurant and always find them there. THERE are TWO buildings one across the patio from Mi Tierra's and one ACROSS the street, GO TO THE ONE ACROSS THE STREET. Once inside there are lots of vendors, you then have to look. 

3. I have never never never found one on any trip to Mexico (insert irony here).

4. The tag may say large but its best to try on if you can. I have some that say they are a small ( nothing on me is small) and some that are medium, large, etc... My point is the sizing is not an exact science with these pieces, best to try on if possible.

The other information I can share is that I also have never found one for under $100, ( they are generally $120-$175), until today ( information below)!
 In addition nine times out of ten I have to buy the dress and have them altered to a top. The dresses I have I also have altered to a shorter more modern length.

I have been buying them for years and years and they are great quality and hold up with machine washing on cold and hanging to dry. I never put them in the dryer...NEVER.  

Because I know coming to Texas isn't exactly an option for everyone, I will list a few place below to buy online

By CLICKING HERE  it will take you to Luna Mia I have not purchased from but they look to have good prices and a nice selection, many of their selections were under $100. They have NO idea I am sharing there information and no clue of who I am.  I did spend some time on their website and it looks like they are based out of San Antonio. I'd appreciate a mention if you do purchase. 

Another online possibility is Nativa ( they have an online site and store in San Antonio), After looking at there site again, I see they  have extended there sizes to include plus sizes  ( some were asking for sites with that option) and their prices on some items are not bad.  To visit their site CLICK HERE
Again they have no clue I am sharing this or who I am , if you do purchase a mention would be greatly appreciated. 

Mi Golondrina is also a well know site to find beautiful Mexican dresses and tops. They are based in Dallas and have an online site which you can find by CLICKING HERE

A suggestion from a followers is El Interior, find them by CLICKING HERE

Please remember I have NOT purchased from any of the sites listed, I saw SEVERAL pieces on each website I would LOVE TO OWN.  The sites mention DO NOT know me, have not sent me a thing and there has been no compensation for this post. 
 I am only trying to give you all option since driving to San Antonio is not  a possibility for everyone.  Hope it helps!

* None of the links are an affiliate link in this post. 

Love and Limes.
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  1. Another excellent source for Mexican Dresses is El Interior in Austin. I've bought dresses there for 30+ years.

  2. Would you share details on the hat in the swimsuit cover up pic? I thought I saved the name of the brand when you shared it last summer but I can't find it ANYWHERE on my phone!! Thanks!

    1. Heather,
      that hat sold out and they did not make it again. BUT I have another one I love and use much more than that one. The one in the picture also did not hold up well. The new one i got a month or so after that picture and is holding up GREAT. The new hat is from Barbara Cobb Sunhats