Thursday, March 23, 2017

Linen Pants

Its that time of year ( in Texas that is all year) and spring is upon us!!!!! I don't wear shorts, wish I could but I'm not comfortable in them ( scars and ugly knees). I get asked all the time, what I wear if I don't wear shorts and lately on snapchat you all have seen me in different pants. I have had a ton of questions of who, what and where did I get the pants y'all have seen me in. Well some are listed below and some were just old, like have been in my rotation for yearssssssssssssssss, The blue patterned pair of linen pants are YEARS old. I did what I could to find either ones I own or as close to ones you all have seen me in. Hope it helps, linen is a great alternative to shorts, its light weight and flows, not to mention just looks great. Lots of time I pair my linen pants with simple tees or a basic white linen top, they are extremely versatile and can go with anything.

These are as close to a blue patterned pair I could find. Again my blue pair are old, old, old ( sorry ). Lots of the linen pants I own are a drawstring waist, this pair is CUTE.
To find them CLICK HERE

I have this pair in two colors and wear them ALL THE TIME! I love them, they look great with a simple t-shirt, a linen top, really anything and pairing with cute sandals LIKE THESE  or a casual pair of sneakers LIKE THESE and you look styled and chic. 
To find these pants you can CLICK HERE

I had to share this top, it looks GREAT with linen ( heck denim too), and comes in four colors ( if I remember correctly). I am really into grey and white together, to find this top CLICK HERE

This is another great looking pair of linen pants and the price is great. 
To find them CLICK HERE

This pair is on the top of my list, I don't have a denim looking pair and these are asking to come live in my closet. To find them CLICK HERE

White linen pants are a staple in spring/summer rotation, I have several pairs from full wide leg ( as pictured), to flood length, and even denim, You can not go wrong with white. 
To find these CLICK HERE

I love the whole outfit! Find it by CLICK HERE

As much as I am not a fan of black, I have black linen pants and they work for me and I love them, I have a pair just like these with the smocked type waist and its comfy, looks great and works for all body types. Find them by CLICK HERE

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