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Sephora sale

Sephora has two sales each year one in the Fall and one in the Spring. The sell starts  TODAY, if you are a VIP rouge member you will get 15% OFF  ( VIP members get 10% off) any and all purchases from April 18 ( today) through April 24.  You all know that 15 or 10 percent is not uber exciting in most scenarios but in the beauty world its kind of  awesome because lets be real this stuff
 NEVER goes on sale!  
Below are my recommendations  for the Sephora Sale, each recommendation is either something I already own or plan to purchase.  I'm not suggesting anyone purchase a single thing or everything, this is strictly my opinion on these products and what I plan to buy. I'd love a comment below on what you plan to purchase ( if anything) , or any recommendations for me to check out....make sure you make it to the end of the post.


I have this blow dryer and so glad I do, I love it so much I bought the travel size. With a discount  its a great time to purchase if you need a new blow dryer. 
My hair does not look frizzy, it blows out sleek and shiny with out taking all day.
To find this blow dryer click HERE

I travel a lot and lets be honest, hotel blow dryers are for emergency uses only, like you forgot yours! My hairstyle works great with a the right tools and that starts with a good blow dryer and I loved the large home version of this brand so it only made sense to get the travel size. To find this travel blow dryer click HERE

To say I am addicted to the DryBar hair tools is an understatement. I have both of the blow dryers and I have been waiting for the sale to pick up the curling iron. I mean makes sense to add it to my arsenal of hair tools. To find it click HERE

I have a few of these clips ( another brand) and they work great to section my hair while blow drying or curling. They HOLD your hair out of the way.  To find them click HERE

You may or may not of seen me share this on snapchat.I've bought three, one for me and two for gifts this summer. What a great hostesses gift?!?!?. 
The Sephora Sun Safety Kit is an annual kit Sephora releases, ( each year different products are featured ) the kit highlights 15 different sunscreen, bronzer, self tanners, and other miscellaneous sun care products. The kit cost $32 but the best part is that $20 from each sell goes directly to The Skin Cancer Foundation. $20 is AWESOME.
To find this kit click HERE
They do sell a kit like this in the stores but its smaller ( has few products), cost slightly less (either $26 or $28), the one above is strictly exclusive to Sephora online.

We are outside a ton in the spring and summer so we tend to go through a lot of sunscreen. I have enjoyed all the Moroccan Oil hair care products I have tried so I thought now was a good time to try the sunscreen (retails for $32). The reviews are great and over and over they mention the amazing smell and excellent quality.  I have this in my Sephora cart as I type this. 
To find this product click HERE

Last summer we did enjoy several of the Supergoop products and sometimes an oil is just nice, easy to apply, makes your skin feel hydrated and quick!  We did use a similar Supergoop product last year and it sprayed nice and evenly, did not clog, felt great and worked. We like it...we really, really liked it. To find this product click HERE

We are not one brand specific when it comes to sun screen or the application of such product. We like what we like, but we like a variety of sun care products and methods of application, We live in Texas, basically we live an inch from the sun...we use a LOT of sun screen. I mean times ten what you use and that is maybe close to what we use.
With all that being said the one thing we do all appreciate is an stick for the face, its easy to re-apply, especially on the boat and at baseball or horse shows. 
I have not tried this particular product but its my cart and I am getting it. 
To find this sunscreen click HERE

This is sun protection lotion ( sunscreen) had great reviews so I'm going to give it a try! Water Resistant, absorbs well and without streaks, works well and sounds to not upset sensitive skin - everything I needed to read was there so in my cart it went.
You can find it by clicking HERE

I have used this for YEARS and won't be without it, it is the BEST VITAMIN C serum. Every morning and every night without even thinking on my face it goes.  . Its definitely HOLY GRAIL status. If you get nothing else during the sale GET THIS.
Find this product by clicking HERE

I have this set in my cart also, its the Vitamin C serum and the Vitamin C wipes both of which I use everyday. This set is only $16, and perfect for travel or if you are new to the Ole Hendriksen brand its a great way to try it out.
Find this set by clicking HERE

I've only been using this Rose Gold Elixir ( morning and night) for a month on April 19, I bought it March 19. I have used it everyday after my vitamin c serum and  I am TOTALLY hooked. Like DANG IT I didn't want to be but I am. I have really dry, slightly sensitive skin and it has made the biggest difference. I have had several people ask me lately ( in person) what I use on my skin. Yesterday and today I intentionally didn't use it and UGH I was not happy with how my makeup looked or how my skin felt.  Its a little pricey ($54) but only takes a small amount. 
To find this product click HERE

Once all my serums and oils are on and a bit soaked into my skin ( I'm uber dry it takes a minute for my skin to drink up the serums and oil) I add a pump or two of the Too Faced Hangover. I have used at least four of these tubes now and I can't be without it. It makes my skin feel hydrated and my make up glides on.  It has a nice, light coconut scent and even if I don't wear make up I still wear this. 
To find this product clicking HERE

This is my heavy duty moisturizer ( again I have dry skin), its a gel formula and it is delightful...plain and simple!
Find it by clicking HERE

Since I loved the Rose Gold Elixir so much I feel like I have to try the other product from Farsali. The Unicorn Essence is in my cart and absolutely coming to live at my house. 
To find this product click HERE


I use this foundation all the time, it covers and plays nice with my dry skin and bonus its has an SPF of 50.  Since I use it all the time, why not get some with a discount...right???
Find it by clicking HERE

I have used an entire stick of this foundation, so much so I had a tiny little make up spatula and was digging out the last drop. It's pricey ($46), and I feel like I used it up fast BUT, HOT DAMN I loved it. Second stick will be headed this way and I'm going to slow my roll when using it and see if I can make it last a bit longer. It comes in a ton of shades, wore great on my dry skin, played very well with all my serums, oils and lotions. 
Find this foundation by clicking HERE

This is a long time favorite, super soft, almost buttery and great for setting your under eyes. I've been through two ( maybe three) so I know its safe to buy while on sale and have on hand. 
To find this powder click HERE

I keep hearing so much about this powder, its not pricey ($22) so sale or no sale I'm going to try it.
Find it by clicking HERE

Two things in make up are hard for me to resist: a palette of any kind and anything in tiny form (travel size, miniature sizes...itty bitty things). This fits into one of the two categories...a palette, and a palette of blush and bronzer. Benefit makes one of my all time favorite blushes of EVER ( find that one HERE  ). This is such a great value, three blushes and two bronzers/contour shades for $58, the blushes when purchased individually are $29. If you purchased all the shades in the palette individually you'd spend$145, HELLO $58 is fabulous. 
Find it by clicking HERE
I use this almost every day, its a perfect combo of a little shimmer ( a tiny bit)  bronzer and color. I look like I went in out in the sun for a bit and was left with a warm glow.  Use a big fluffy brush and dust a little over the cheeks, forehead and neck ( or at least I do).
Find this product by clicking HERE

This tiny little contour /  highlight palette lived in my travel make up bag until one day ( while away) I used it for eye shadow when I wanted a quick simple look. Now I use it on simple easy makeup days for contour and highlight as well as for my eyes ( swipe the shade BURST all over the lid of the eye and and then sweep CHISEL in the crease and done). This versatile itty bitty palette is $23 and you can find it by clicking HERE

Some products are just pure luxury, and Tom Ford is one of those brands. I can't even try to justify the prices because they are insane...literally this is a $78 blush duo.  That is almost three tubes of  Super Hero Mascara...or one beautiful compact of blush. Its a hard the back of my head I hear Mr. Tikaa "no its not, don't buy the blush." 
I do have a gift card and I did find the golden egg at Easter ( yes we hunt eggs, judge away).  Its soooooooooooooooooooooo dang pretty. and its currently in my cart. 
To find this insanely priced yet beautiful blush duo click HERE

I'm not normally a creme contour kind of girl but the hype is this is the STUFF and well HELL I want the stuff. Its in my cart and I can not wait to try it.
Find the STUFF by clicking HERE

Y'all know I have this palette ( its a palette and tiny), it was a birthday gift. I'm sharing because I love it, it blends great, looks fabulous, small in size ( actually tiny) which makes it perfect for travel ( which I have been packing it consistently since my birthday). There is just the right amount of matte and shimmer. If you haven't tried because it is a bit pricey ($45), then now is a great time and the one below is even less expensive ($30).  Now is a great time to try out the Viseart brand. 
Find this palette  by clicking HERE
This is the newest addition to the Viseart family, a teeny tiny palette of eight shades ( matte, satin, and shimmers). I understand their palettes are pricey but a sale and a tiny palette for $30 makes the sting a little less intense if its a brand you've been interested in. I love the above palette so I added this one to my cart. Find this palette by clicking HERE

I have this eye palette, at the time I purchased it this little kit was not a thing. I paid $23 for the palette because at the time I looking for more palettes to pack while traveling ( I think I've mentioned I travel a lot more these days) and this one spoke to me ( the shade dominate is a pretty cranberry-ish color and I am drawn to those shades). 
This little kit is $25 and you get the eye shadow palette, a lip paint and mascara. Tarte is a great brand, and all that for $25 plus a 15% ( or 10%) is pretty NICE!
 I am loving the Tarte pro to go line, its beautiful, affordable and SMALL
Find this kit by clicking HERE

What can I say, I want to hate it but dang it I can't.  The lid alone should make me want to throw it out and never look back but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I can't resist. Its my kryptonite and I promise I have been trying and trying to get away from it ( weird, right). It just works for my lashes and gives me the right amount of volume and length ( in all fairness I have long lashes and a good amount of volume). Plus I am the girl who wants my neighbors from their kitchen to be able to see me mascara, CLEARLY.  Deserted island...I want mascara. 
Find this one by clicking HERE 

This is Pookie's number one ( she loves it) and gives my super hero mascara a major run for first place. I like a fat want with natural bristles and its a wet mascara which also speaks to my lashes ( I'm not usually a dry mascara fan, but you never know). 
To find this mascara click HERE

This is in my cart and totally new to me, I have never tried it and don't know anyone who has. To be totally honest the packaging is drawing me in, its cute and has a fat wand with what looks to be natural bristles ( my personal favs). I did read the reviews on the Sephora site and they seem to be love or hate. We will see, where I fall on it. 
To find this mascara click HERE

I watched a Melissa Parada  ( find her by clicking HERE) YouTube video and she had this one and it looked SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty on her that I immediately went and put it in my cart. 
To find this lip liner by clicking HERE

This lip gloss lives in my purse, I have used at least two of these up! Hard to believe, I know but its just a great, great, great color and gloss. This gloss does have a slight tingle effect but nothing intense or really even noticeable  ( at least not to me). 
 Find this gloss in my FAVORITE shade by clicking HERE

This is one of my favorite liquid lipsticks and you all ask what I'm wearing anytime I snapchat with it on. Too Faced melted liquid lipstick is nice, not ultra drying, stays put and does not wear off weird ( trust me you want a liquid lipstick that doesn't wear off your lips weird). They have 23 different colors to choose from, so if your a nude lip lover or a bright bold lip makes your make up loving heart sing, I bet they have something to meet your preferred shade.  
Find my favorite shade ( Queen B) by clicking HERE  

I purchased my first Tom Ford lipstick last week and once again, I wanted to not love it and once again I DO LOVE IT. Damn you Tom Ford, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY do they have to be so nice but more importantly why do they have to cost $53 ( seriously, why???)?? I went to purchase a specific shade and they were out so I could now get it at 15% discount...or not ( its in my cart but I don't think I can do it, that crazy expensive).
If you want to check this lipstick out click HERE

Back to reality and normal prices for make up, as normal as Marc Jacobs prices can be ( compared to Tom Ford they are down right drug store prices). I have this gloss in my purse (with the buxom) and its so pretty and I can't imagine it not looking wonderful on everyone. 
Find sugar sugar by clicking HERE

This is my NUMBER ONE candle and my number one scent for our home. Mr. Tikaa likes it and the children do to, so its a done deal. I do love this scent but I must admit that I haven't tried one of there scents I didn't like. Since this particular brand doesn't seem to go on sale, ( occasionally the Nest site will do free shipping)  I'll take the 15% and pick up a few candles.
To find this amazing candle click HERE

I love the candle so much, hand soap only made sense. I like bamboo in my kitchen and the one below in our bathrooms. Candles and soaps are all a personal thing and for me once I find what we like, I stick to it. These soaps are $22.
Find this Nest Soap by clicking HERE

I prefer this scent in our bathrooms, it smells clean and not floral ( which we like).
Find this one HERE

Personal Fragrance 
This one has a been a favorite since they released it, I've been through two bottles and I have a third in my cart. Now I love it and it smells delicious, but I feel like its more of a fall/winter or evening fragrance.  Its kind of spicy, oriental-woodsy scent (according to Sephora description, I do agree with). Since fragrances never go on sale now is the time if you are in the market for new scent or just want to try something different. This does come in roller ball which makes for a great inexpensive way to try a new fragrance. 
Find this scent by clicking HERE 
To try the roller ball click HERE

This is another Elizabeth and James favorite and one I will use now that spring is here and summer is around the corner. It feels girly, with a peony and musk combo. It feels more light and spring/summer friendly to me and I have a bottle in my cart and small bit of a roller ball I'm using currently.
Find it by clicking HERE
To try the roller ball click HERE

HELLO Jo Malone and Thank you Sephora for making room for Jo Malone products. I have two scent by Jo Malone but this is the one I reach for. 
Fresh, light and smells like clean air. 
To find this fragrance click HERE

I can say that for more than fifteen years and every single day I wore the same scent day in and day out and did not even think about changing. This is the scent and I still love it, who doesn't, you can not get a more classic just can't! 
Find this scent by clicking HERE
I'm sure someone is wondering why after so long did I try something new, well I went to Italy and told myself I was going to find a fragrance that would always remind me of my trip ( and I did). I found that fragrance and it opened me up to trying more fragrances since then.

I don't use the perfume every day but I do use this lotion almost everyday and at $55 a bottle getting a 15% discount is NICE. 
Find the lotion by clicking HERE

I want to try this fragrance and have went to purchase it twice and didn't. Now I keep asking myself, why??? I do want to try it, it did really smell nice...what am I waiting for a discount? Now is the time then, geeeeeeeee I wish it came in a roller ball but it doesn't. Maybe I can give Mr. Tikaa my discount code and mention Mothers Day. 
Find this fragrance HERE

Again these are items I use, want to try, will repurchase and some try for the first time. I have 15 items in my cart which total....a lot and no discount code has been applied yet. I am sure I will make a few adjustments to my cart but am I buying everything on this list, NO. Most of it I currently own, but I want to share my list in case you all were interested, curious...heck for the fun of it. 

Sale starts Tuesday, APRIL 18 ( TODAY) and ends on
Monday, APRIL 24

code for 15% off ( should be at least): ROUGESPRING

Love and Limes,

* the above links are affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase It does not effect the price of the item or my opinion. My content is not in any way influenced by affiliate links. I do my best to share where I purchase items or find as similar as I can to something I have purchased in the past and is no longer available.

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