Friday, April 21, 2017

SHOES, SHOES, SHOES....high end and dupes

Strictly on accident I came across a dupe of a pair of high end shoes I have and thought I'd share. That had me interested to see if I could find a few others to share with you all and guest what I DID!!! 
I've listed the high end shoe on top and the dupe underneath each. 

The dupes are not fake, they are manufactured and sold by legit brands and businesses, nor do they claim to be the high end version.

I wear these alllllllllllllllll the time, and love how they look with my white mexican dress ( where to find dress is HERE). They look great with everything.  
To find these shoes click HERE

I found these dupes and almost feel over and they were on a very popular site. 
They were on Amazon but sold out. Sorry!  I had a link here but removed it after they sold out.

You may have seen this pair on me recently on snapchat or Instagram live. I have shared a pic of them in a previous post.
To find these shoes click HERE

This is the dupe that started this post. I stumbled on these today and thought WOW, I have to share. They look great and are priced at an amazing value. 
Find these dupes HERE

I know, I know, these probably don't blow ya away but I like different shoes and these are fun, THEY ARE!!! I know the prices is beyond pricey, again I found a dupe ( look below)
Find these by clicking HERE 

Once I started trying to find dupes it was addicting and hot DAMN these are sooooooooooooooooo close and again at fraction of the high end price. They are slightly different but lets be real, for the price who cares.
Find these by clicking HERE

Denim slides and sandals are so in for this spring and summer. I want a pair to wear with white jeans, in this cast I prefer the dupe.
Find these shoes by clicking HERE

The frayed edges are SPOT ON and look edgy, but like you have some snap to your fashion sense.
Find these by clicking HERE

Pool slides are serious going to pop up everywhere ( I've already shared a black pair in a previous post) and these pink ones with the ties/bow are  pretty dang cute. They come in black and other colors don't worry.
To find them click HERE 

I want a pink pair but how many times might I wear pink....I'd say about $12.00 worth of times so in this care I'm definitely going for the dupe. These also come in black and other colors.
Find these by clicking HERE

Any kind of espadrilles are a win, its a polished look, casual vibe and they are comfy.
To find these click HERE 
Once again I kind of prefer the dupe over the high end version. 
To find these click HERE

Have we seen these enough??? I can't decide, I mean they are pretty and I could wear them with a ton. This isn't the highest of high end in this shoe, The Chloe ones are $660.  
Find these by clicking HERE $159.95

The dupe version is way more affordable and even come in black. 
Find the dupes by clicking HERE

I didn't plan this post but one thing turned into a challenge to see if I could find more and hours later I have a new post to share with you all.

* the above links are affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase It does not effect the price of the item or my opinion. My content is not in any way influenced by affiliate links. I do my best to share where I purchase items or find as similar as I can to something I have purchased in the past and is no longer available.

Have a great weekend.

Love and Limes,


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