Monday, May 29, 2017

Earrings from Instagram Live on Monday 5/29

I shared three pairs of earrings I purchased on Etsy while on Instagram Live today and you all asked for the information. This is not sponsored, no money was exchanged for this post, and I paid for the three pairs of earrings I shared ( I showed my Etsy recipt that came in the mail with the earrings on Instagram live today). 
Etsy shop information is at the end of this post.

I did not purchase this pair but they are so pretty.

I did get this pair and I am so glad I did. I love pink and navy, they are light weight and just beautiful. They price of all her earrings are super affordable ( I think these were $34, the other two pairs I purchased were $24 and $20). This pair was also available in other color ways.

This is another pair I purchased ($20), small and simple but OH so PRETTY! I like a statement earring here and there but I like a easy pair of earrings as well and these are simple and easy but will make a beautiful addition to any outfit. 

The third pair I purchased, I know, I know... but dang I couldn't help myself all her earrings are so pretty. Don't let the ones I share fool ya, she makes ALL kinds of earrings not only Chinoiserie beads but tassels, leopard, hoops, pom pom....she makes it all. 

Look at these, colorful and fun! I didn't get this pair but they are pretty and scream summer.  I had a hard time deciding on which I wanted they are all so pretty. Take a minute to go look at her Etsy shop, you'll be happy you did.

To find all these earrings plus more and not just earrings she makes bracelets and necklaces too,
click HERE 

* the above link is an affilate link to etsy, it in no way effects the price or my opinion. I purchased the three pair of earrings I shared on instagram live and here. 

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