Monday, May 22, 2017

The White Cotton Gown

1226  Smocked Short

This gown can be found HERE for $36.95 

A quick post to share my white cotton smocked gowns you all see me in on Instagram Live. Below are two of my favorite style from the company I get all my white cotton gowns from and have for years and years.
 They are many, many different styles from short sleeves, long sleeves, sleeveless, gowns, pajamas, robes and more. Best part is they are all between $34.95 and $39.95 and yes they are cotton, smocked, available in small to XX-large and only get better and better the more you wash them ( they feel perfect the second they arrive).  They also look nice monogrammed...just sayin. They are not see through and are the perfect addition to anyone's sleep wardrobe. You won't be disappointed and BONUS its the sweetest mom and pop who run the business. The links are to there online shop and they ship everywhere and generally they are quick!

To these gowns and more they sell, click HERE

759B Ruffle Hem Smocked
To find this gown for $39.95 click HERE 

This is not a sponsored post, heck they don't even know I am sharing this with you all. The links are not through and affiliate, I am sharing to because I wear them ALL THE TIME and you all see me in them all the time and I get tons of questions on where to get my gowns and pajamas, this is the information.

Love and Limes,


  1. Thank you! So sweet of you to share!

  2. Tikaa, I have the top gown shown and I love it. I also have one of their shirts. Thanks so much for sharing your style.