Saturday, June 17, 2017

Adult Juice Pouches

I made these adult juice pouches this morning ( made ahead of time, we didn't drink them this morning) for the lake and they were a big hit and we will be making them again,and again. Not only are they cute, but they are super convenient and yummy. The pouches were purchased on Amazon

What was in the pouches:
I made the above water mixer - HEB brand Passion Fruit ( this is also available in 2 quart mix), if you don't have HEB grocery store close to you I would bet any favorite mixer would work. I added a small bit of fresh squeezed lime and then topped off with Malibu Rum ( how much is up to you). To make it look more festive and fun I threw in sliced oranges, strawberries and limes. Then put all pouches in freezer, took out when ready to enjoy.   
You can use these for any favorite drink recipe ( with or without alcohol). Next we are making margaritas. 
Happy Summer. 

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  1. Hi Tikka, Lori of BlendSmart emailed and said she had lunch with you! I'm another Texas girl. Was living in the middle of nowhere north of Boerne, but now back in San Antonio. Congrats on your line with Lenox! What a great space you've carved out for yourself. I'm at I have a blog and about 15 women blog as well. Come see me! Brenda Coffee

    1. I just read your post on 1010ParkPlace. I'd love to meet up some time in SA ( love that city). I bet I could learn so much from you. What a treasure to the city of SA you are. Meeting Lori was a treat, I adore her. email me: