Friday, July 28, 2017

Nail Polish, Rolling Racks, Clothes and MORE

You asked and I answered, hope all the information helps. 

The nail polish I have been wear lately ( the nude color) is actually a gel and can be found HERE and the regular nail polish in the same color can be found here HERE
Let me say that I have purchased the gel and it is cheaper on the link I shared with shipping that through any other place I found it.  

The rolling rack I use to pack and organize for travel is  found HERE . Its so nice, the size is perfect, its a sturdy quality and it FOLDS and rolls under the bed. 


The dividers I use on the rolling rack to separate days and activities are found HERE the come in a pack of 20 and include the pen.

I recently ordered this folding luggage rack to hold my large pink Jon Hart Super Wheels when I am packing, I had been putting my suitcase on two ottomans but it was a pain to go get from another room and drag them into my bedroom. I decided it was far easier and would work way better to purchase this folding rack, plus when guest are over I can set it up for them. 

You can find the exact one HERE 
and it holds my huge Jon Hart Super Wheels suitcase PERFECTLY. I knew I wanted one with a bit of a back to it to hold the top of suitcase, this one works great. Plus as mentioned it folds and can easily be stored away.

 I guess I am craving fall plus I needed a couple things when we went to Colorado, I bought one for our rafting trip in tan and loved it so much I bought a grey and a black one, lets just say all three were less expensive than a deluxe pedicure. They are long sleeve, light weight and perfect for our Texas fall and winter, you can find them  HERE

FIT: I would normally buy in a sweater type material an XL, I prefer a loose fit. Since this is a value brand and more than likely not made in America the sizing is usually a bit slim. I bought an XXL in this and it fits like an XL. 

 You'll be seeing this dress on me very soon, minus the belt ( I threw that away). I am adding a pretty belt. Y'all this dress is GREAT and WOW the price. 
Find it HERE

FIT: This was a big guess for me on sizing because it is also what I would consider a value brand which generally runs very small. I ordered the 16W / 1X and it fits perfectly. I would normally purchase ( when shopping at Dillard's for example)  about a 12 to14 ( boobs and arms are full). Not sure why I decided on the 16W but it works great, I would say it runs very small. They did have a 16 as an option but I thought the women's size might be more like an American regular size and that by getting a size or two bigger in the W I would possible be ok. I was right.  The sizing is gamble, but thank goodness you can always return.

Obviously that is not me in the picture but I didn't have a pic on hand of myself in this top.  I do own this top in the blue stripe and its easy, looks great and incredibly inexpensive. It's not clingy at all, comes in black stripe, red stripe and blue strip.
It works with distressed jeans or white jeans. Its CUTE.
Find it HERE

FIT: I bought this in a Large, it fits perfectly. I read the reviews, considered the wide arms and flowing look of the body and thought I'd be great with a Large. I was right. 
Y'all have seen me in this dress ( but in grey) and I had it linked on a previous post ( but I did it wrong) anyway, I wear this casual dress a ton! Its loose, looks great and easy. It comes in a ton of colors and sizes and it does not cling to your body. Throw on a great necklace or a pair of statement earrings and you are out the door. So many of my friends have ordered this dress and they all agree its a great piece to have and the price is unbelievable. 
Find it HERE
Don't let the link scare you, it will take you to a green one I think but you can choose different colors and sizes.
FIT: I bought this in an XL and it is REALLY big, I kept it because I thought maybe I could throw it in the dryer ( haven't yet). I should have bought a Large. Its REALLY loose and made to be a loose fit and not cling.

I've shared these little Bluetooth speakers a ton, but for good reason, THEY WORK. These little things are basically the size ( if not a bit smaller) than my iphone 6s plus and they are way lighter than my phone but Y'ALL they pack a punch and are reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllly inexpensive and I don't stress if I drop in the water, ruin at the beach, leave behind on a vacation or accidentally run over it with my car ( leave on back of car and forget ). It charges with a cord I usually have on hand ( plus it comes with one), has nice battery life and comes in lots of fun colors. Yes I have two ( leave one here, leave one there) and I have added them to gifts.
Find this powerful little speaker HERE

I try to share the items you all ask about, hope this information helps.
Have a great weekend. 

* The above link is an affiliate links, which means I  receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase It does not effect the price of the item or my opinion. My content is not in any way influenced by affiliate links. I do my best to share where I purchase items or find as similar as I can to something I have purchased in the past and is no longer available


  1. I love your fashion posts! Can you tell us about sizing and fit. I am always afraid to order online because I'm not sure of how correct the sizing is. Thanks so much.

  2. I just updated the post to give my opinions on fit. I hope that helps.

  3. Thank you so much. By your descriptions, I think we may be built the same. I went with the same sizing. I hope I look as cute as you do!

  4. Who is the designer of your green swing jacket? I would like contact her to order one. Thanks. Cheers to a fantastic speaking engagement in LV!

  5. Tikaa,
    You always find the best electronic 'stuff'. My husband was using (abusing) our Bose speaker in the garage,too much, so when you posted those little speakers, I ordered two on Amazon. He loves them for everywhere and I can keep my beloved Bose clean and safe indoors! Many thanks. Warmly, Kathleen

    PS The sound is so amazing! Ladies, trust Tikaa.

  6. Just received my order of two of the long sleeve shirts, the striped blouse (red and white for IU football games), and the slimline speaker....Loving all of it....Especially the speaker---the sound is amazing for being so inexpensive....Thanks for the shopping tips....Stephanie O.