Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Olive Oil, Silver Polish and SHARK WEEK

I shared this look on Instagram and had several questions on where I found the spouts for my olive oil. That's a super easy fix,
you can find them HERE 
I use these particular ones because the the spout is covered
and moves away to pour the oil by tilting the bottle. SO NICE.

The other question I had from you all was what silver polish do I use. I have used the same one for years and over and over, always repurchasing. 
To find it click HERE

I couldn't resist these fun and silly salt and pepper shakers. I mean if you're a shark week fan then you get it. They have a magnet to hold the leg in the sharks mouth. I know its not fine china but its definitely FUN. 
Find them HERE

This is technically a sushi tray, but seriously I can see sushi, veggies, sweet treats....all kinds of shark week goodness on this fun tray. Its ceramic, the mouth of the shark is made to hold soy sauce, ranch dressing, icing, you name it, the mouth is basically a bowl.  Again if you love the fun of shark week then its a must and
 you can find it HERE

Plastic sharks, YES of course, its shark week. Throw a cute plastic shark in the bowl or drink and INSTANT shark week fun. 
Find these HERE

NO shark week is complete without shark gummies. 
They are as important as popcorn at the movies. 
Find them HERE

Have a great week and most of what I posted can ship in time for shark week!

* The above link is an affiliate links, which means I  receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase It does not effect the price of the item or my opinion. My content is not in any way influenced by affiliate links. I do my best to share where I purchase items or find as similar as I can to something I have purchased in the past and is no longer available

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