Friday, July 21, 2017

Shark Popcorn


Its a super easy recipe but I'd recommend a  helper. I had a friend here stirring the pot ( literally) while I stirred the popcorn.

Shark Popcorn Directions:
Pop about four bags of popcorn, I used microwavable but you can pop your own if that's your preference. The thing about the popcorn is this - It is all about how much candy to popcorn ratio you want. I wanted more popcorn than candy so I popped four bags ( actually five but decided that was to many and we ate the one bag plain).

You need:
1/2 stick Butter
1/2 cup Sugar
1/3 cup Light Karo Syrup 
I used a 6 ounce bag of Red Hots ( don't sweat the ounces, anything from 4-6 ounces and it will work just fine)
Dump into a pot and melt over medium heat.

You need about four bags of microwavable popcorn
big disposable aluminum pan

I put all the popcorn in one bowl, then had a small bowl that I added a little popcorn at a time into and my friend drizzled a little of the melted candy mixture from above. I stirred it up pretty good and then dumped into a big aluminum disposable pan. Added more popcorn to bowl, my friend drizzled melted candy  mixture, stir, dump into aluminum pan and we kept doing that till all popcorn and melted candy mixture was used up.  SEE why I say a helper is handy, it would not be easy to drizzle and stir and UGG I would have had a mess everywhere if she had not been helping. With her help the whole process ( before putting in the oven) took maybe ten minutes.
THEN you put the aluminum pan full of popcorn into the oven on 250 degrees for an hour. I know it seems weird, like WHY the oven but trust me put the pan of popcorn in the OVEN. It just works and keeps the popcorn from getting soggy. 

I bought my sharks HERE
I used this POPCORN HERE,  I used four bags (or pop up bowls)
The red hots I used are HERE

Enjoy, its really good!

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