Friday, August 4, 2017


Its been a wild and wonderful week, started off in Las Vegas (Las Vegas Market) and I am currently in Tulsa, OK. Then yesterday I took a small detour from Tulsa and went to Pawhuska to visit
The Pioneer Woman Mercantile. I had a great time, her store is beautiful and full of treats and treasures, all of which I wanted to bring home and several I did.
I shopped, and then left and headed to the local Sonic for my Diet Coke fix and then realized I forgot the Birthday gift I intended to get so back I went.
SO GLAD I went back, this happened!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a great day, heck its been a great week....year!
I feel like I should take a second and say how super nice and friendly Ree was, I mean seriously she was! I didn't have any idea of what she would be like other than friendly. We chatted about dishes, you know we both have them so that's super cool and all in all I was smitten ( can I say that). I mean she has a great success story, one I completely admire....shes' a total bad ass without the hair flip, she's just cool!

 Lets get back to the reason you came to this post - THE TOP!
This top has been the best deal, I mean the BEST ( like six dollar of a deal, seriously), but the only problem is I bought it on clearance earlier this summer and they no more in the longer sleeve. I know that kind of sucks BUT it does come short sleeve and in lots of colors ( I have the short sleeve ones too). You can find the short sleeve option HERE
and for an identical one in long sleeve (but a different brand) go HERE  NOW this is a different brand but I have purchased two of them and they are GREAT, look the same and also priced at a wonderful value.

In this pic I have on THE TOP I am sharing (below) but also the Shannie Girl Wrap which I ALWAYS travel with. I have several and switch out colors according to what I think will go the best with the most when traveling.  Y'ALL SHE IS HAVING a SALE, and its pretty dang good, like 60% off I think. I have THE SCARLET style on in this pic but also love the style called the Signature Line. They feel great, look fantastic, travel well and I throw them in my washing machine.
To find her site head HERE
This is not an affiliate link for the Shannie Girl wrap, I have been purchasing her wraps for years and sharing them for years and years. She did give me the wrap I have on and for that I say THANK YOU, I adore it. I saw she was having a 60% off sale and knew I needed to share with you all.  

 Sharing a few pics of different colors I have in the top that has had my Instagram Stories a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


To find these tops click HERE  and don't freak out because it takes you to a black one in medium but they have all sizes and colors when you look at the options ( yes I did see white and grey). I have them in two sizes, both large and x-large and the large ones fit the best. They are stretchy so keep that in mind and I did try to shrink the x-large and had no results.

I also ordered this shirt from HERE  I like the off the shoulder and the tie at the waist.
If you like the above pictures then you will LOVE this one and the price, click HERE 

The next question I get is what bra do I wear with them and I went on a hunt and even asked you all for suggestions and ended up with
It was the most suggested.
You can get the same bra HERE and have it shipped with prime.
You can also find it HERE

The bra is a bit pricey but it's one of those things, once you find one your good for a long time.

I hope the information helped, I try to get the exact items I have or at least the closes to them and in this case I would say the tops are spot on. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

* Some of the above links are affiliate links,  which means I  receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. It does not effect the price of the item or my opinion. My content is not in any way influenced by affiliate links. I do my best to share where I purchase items or find as similar as I can to something I have purchased in the past and is no longer available. 

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