Saturday, September 9, 2017

Precious Ribbon Pumpkins

I started making these precious ribbon pumpkins in 2009 and I don't think there has been a Halloween since that I didn't make several. They are so cute, easy to make and also on the budget friendly side of Halloween DIY projects.

I make several different options: ribbon filled handle ( feel free to use all kinds of colors and ribbons) or a less busy single ribbon handle.

To make this pumpkin or the skeleton one below:
cut off existing plastic handle and throw away, 
String your ribbon into the existing holes on the side of pumpkin and tie a double knot facing inside the pumpkin ( where you will not see it).
After you have a tied on the new ribbon handle tie a eight inch strip of ribbon to each side of pumpkin, down by the hole you just ran the ribbon in.
Attach a bow to each side of pumpkin ( or skeleton) using the eight inch strip of ribbon to attached bows to each side. 

My FAVORITE ribbon of all time to use on these pumpkins and skeletons is the black and white gingham. You can find it HERE

Adding a monogram is EASY and only requires that you order the monogram ahead of time ( or make if you have the capabilities/equipment to do). 
To find the monogram I used go HERE

To make the fluffy pumpkin full of ribbon and tulle:
DO NOT CUT plastic handle off pumpkin!!!!!!
You will attach the ribbon to the handle. 
I use 10 inch strips of ribbon and 8 inch strips of tulle. I have no idea how many yards of ribbon and tulle I use It takes a LOT of ribbon and tulle, the fuller the handle the better it looks.
Once you have cut your ribbon and tulle, start by tying a piece of ribbon in a double knot, push it to one end of the handle and keep tying ribbon and tulle ( alternating ribbon colors and sizes as well as tulle)  till the handle is full and fluffy!
Once you have tied all the ribbon and tulle you want on the handle, using sharp scissors trim the ribbon and tulle a bit to get it to fluffy out and stand up a bit. It doesn't take much, trim were you think it needs.
You can get ribbon and tulle HERE

You can use any size ribbon, with or without wire, I think it looks the best to mix sizes, with wire and without, and patterns and colors.

This is super easy and takes more time than anything. 
I use this glue HERE and the stuff WORKS
For the PEARLS  I use there found HERE
For the RHINESTONES I use these found HERE

They make super cute trick or treating pails and cute for stuffing a BOO gift in, hostess gift, the possibilities are endless and who ever the recipient is, they will adore it!

My niece wanted a pink one, so pink pumpkin I made.

Then her sister ( my other niece) wanted a purple pumpkin ( done) and a friend wanted blue. I think I have made every color combination you could think of.

This is my VERY FIRST ever ribbon pumpkin in 2009 ( the blog post is still on here), they pumpkins have come a long way but are still so much fun to make and give away.

See more on my Instagram page: TotallyTikaa
Tag me in a picture if you make one, I'd love to see.

Happy Fall Y'all

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