Saturday, February 3, 2018

Makeup Tutorial Details

Did everyone enjoy the makeup tutorial with Professional Makeup Artist Kristin Carter?? I know I did, she's a doll!!!! During the Instagram Live tutorial ( are you following me on Instagram), there were lots of questions about the products used. Pictured below is what was used or talked about. I will do my best to find everything.

I am going to go in the order I would normally apply them ( although Kristin applied in a different order), I am doing what I know so I don't forget to list products.

Kristin didn't use a primer, but I had applied a few things prior to her arrival.
Wipes I use EVERY single day before any makeup application HERE
Vitamin C HERE
Serum HERE
Eye Patches HERE They feel great, super hydrating and I loved them enough to buy a second jar (says a lot).
Eye Cream HERE

Foundation used on me was a professional brand used with the Airbrush system Kristin uses.
This system is similar to hers HERE and WOW what an amazing result. 

The other FOUNDATIONS she spoke about
BB tinted moisturizer for DRY SKIN and light coverage HERE
Foundation for DRY skin, light to medium coverage HERE
To build up the above foundation to a full coverage she suggested using this powder HERE
Foundation for OILY skin, full coverage HERE

The powder Kristin used on my face is HERE in the shade she used on me.

The concealer and color she used on my under eyes is HERE

The contour, color and the brush ( it comes with the brush) are HERE
My personal all time favorite ( I loved the look Kristin did)  and daily contour is HERE
Kristin didn't use a separate Bronzer but, my two favorites are 

The blush she used was so pretty and I am ordering immediately
It is HERE and in the color she used.
Two of my Personal blush favorites are HERE and HERE
This is a great blush palette HERE

The Mac blushes she shared and talked about are available HERE (shades are listed below):
Sun Basque
Blush Baby 
Pink Swoon

The highlighter she used was AMAZING, not only did she use it on my cheeks but on the corner of my eyes and WOW. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. 
Find it HERE
The Highlighter she recommended if you are looking for a softer glow HERE
One of my personal favorite highlighters is HERE

The eye palette she used by Urban Decay is HERE She also used a black shade from an old 
Too Faced palette but this Too Faced palette has a similar black one HERE
She also used a lighter shad by MAC you can find HERE

The eyeliner she used is by Maybelline HERE
Mascara was also Maybelline and waterproof  HERE

False Lashes HERE

Kristin only used liner and lipgloss
Liner HERE
Lipgloss HERE
or in this nude lip kit ( which I really like) HERE

Kristin said most of her brushes had been long time favorites and some may not be around any longer, found what I could and what was very similar.

I found a kit by a brand I know and love that includes the powder brush, blush, fan brush and flat top brush and all for  less than a Mac foundation HERE

Eye Brushes Starting from left to right
1. Flat shader brush HERE
2. Crease Brush ( says blending brush but she uses it in the crease and so do I) HERE
3. Angled liner brush
4. Flat definer brush HERE
5.Concealer brush HERE
6. blending brush HERE
7. pencil brush HERE

Another option for eye brushes is HERE from a brand I know and use, bonus is the whole set is about the cost of one of the above brushes.

What I used to clean my face and be ready for the next day.
I start with THIS to break the makeup down and start cleaning my face. I have been through at least five or more of them and LOVE it. After the makeup is off I continue with the rest of my night time routine.

It was such a fun live tutorial and and Kristin did a fabulous job ( you can find her info on my Instagram page).  Thank for joining us and hanging out.

Some of the above links are affiliate links,  which means I  receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. It does not effect the price of the item or my opinion. My content is not in any way influenced by affiliate links. I do my best to share where I purchase items or find as similar as I can to something I have purchased in the past and is no longer available

Thanks again for reading, hanging out with us on Instagram Live and being super supportive.

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