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April Favorites and Summer Suggestions

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 THE BAG that seems to get more and more popular on social media and so I thought well heck I'll break down and get crabs or lobsters came with it( looks like a cage, right) but seriously its cute!
Other GREAT summer bags
I bought THIS ONE  and this one is similar but with a CROSS body strap.
I found several that are CHANEL inspired and super fun as well as NFL approved (you need a clear bag for games).  THIS ONE is great looking, fabulous price and would look great with any game day outfit. 

 The BRACELET is one that I also wear on my necklace with the charms. The also have the large pendent ( I didn't see on their website, but give them a call, they are so helpful and ship).
My WATCH is a long time favorite as well as the BAND .

The shoes are Chanel, purchased a Neiman Marcus at the Houston Galleria ( not available online). Sorry I do not have a link.
These are not exactly but they are really great looking SHOES
I found this PAIR  and they are beautiful and available in cream as well as black.

OTHER favorite shoes are:
These sandals are THE SUMMER sandal in a flat
The summer sandal but in a HEEL

This TOP always gets tons of questions, its basic but I love it and have it in several colors ( available in ten colors). Size up one size.

Other tops I have purchased on Amazon:
This  OFF THE SHOULDER comes in a ton of colors and I love it!
This TOP is CUTE and has a fun ruffle around the 3/4 sleeve.
Another cute look is the SIDE KNOT top.
I have this top in a beige color and I am ordering it in BLACK as soon as I finish this post. 

I like this LINEN TOP so much I purchased it in white and black.
Another great linen TOP that is available in several colors, all so pretty.
This TOP is CUTE and has a pleat to it and look fabulous with these linen PANTS . I have them in white but they available in seven colors, I see warm grey in my future. 
Linen pants are my go to in the spring and summer, these pleated cuff cropped PANTS  are perfect, look great with a simple linen top or t-shirt and sandals like THESE ( I have these sandals in at least five or more colors, you can not beat them).

My all time favorite POWDER FOUNDATION 
I have been using since last October and have been through at least six, almost one a month. I use it almost everyday, as my only foundation. I do not use liquid foundation when I wear this.
When I do use a liquid foundation this is my go to PRIMER
My favorite BRONZER
My favorite lash PRIMER

I have two favorite perfumes that can be worn together or separately ( I do wear them in combo and on there on). I have been wear THIS ONE on repeat for a long time, the odd thing is at first I did not think I liked it alone. I LOVE it, and wear it a lot by itself and then mix with THIS ONE ( also love wearing it on its own).

The two sunscreens I use daily.
The sunscreen in THE WHITE TUBE  ( the Australian Gold) I use on my neck, chest and hands. I keep one in my car to reapply. The other SUNSCREEN ( HydroPeptide) I use on my face daily, its a bit pricey but works well under foundation.

This bag comes in several different colors of straw and pom poms. 
You can find ONE HERE and also HERE
The strap is long and adjustable, don't worry if you are a tall girl ( like myself) it adjust to a great length and doesn't look or feel odd.

This is the TOP I have worn a few times on Instagram stories and you all asked for the information ( I have it in black also), It's long enough to cover your hinny, loose, easy and fun. 


YELLOW GINGHAM NAPKINS as seen in my Instagram feed on several table setting and in this picture. The floral arrangement is in a silver ICE or CHAMPAGNE bucket (either is pretty). The PLACEMATS are versatile and look beautiful dressed up or kept casual. DISHES in this picture can be found HERE

My favorite CANDLE in the scent bamboo, the whole family loves it.
I was asked about favorite STATIONARY .

We all have the Apple earpods and we are all addicted to them. To protect them and I bought one of THESE for each family member ( we each have a different color).

For my birthday I got something I thought was, at best the most expensive alarm clock and that I would not use it...I was SO WRONG. I am addicted to THIS and absolutely can not believe it. I use it for a timer, weather, music, videos and movies, etc.... 

I drink a lot of diet coke, I'm sure anyone reading just rolled their eyes, like DUH! Even I can only drink so many diet cokes before I start grabbing for something different and THIS WATER is it. For someone who drinks way to many diet cokes, to find a water I like so much is a HUGE thing.

The COTTON CANDY MACHINE I use is fun, easy and takes sugar or hard candy. It's easy to clean and seriously FUN. I buy THIS KIT to replenish the supplies, the paper cones are great and in a pinch paper straws work like a dream. 

Thanks for reading, I hope I hit the highlights on the items you all were looking for information on.
Happy MAY.


Some of the above links are affiliate links,  which means I  receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. It does not effect the price of the item or my opinion. My content is not in any way influenced by affiliate links. I do my best to share where I purchase items or find as similar as I can to something I have purchased in the past and is no longer available

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