Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Beef Tip Recipe

Beef Tips and Gravy 

I made this last night and shared on Instagram. It's one of those meals that I don't have a recipe for, the kind I can make with out thinking...we all have those recipes. Since I was asked if I would share how I made this meal, here it goes....

What ya need:
2 pounds of stew meat 
a medium sized onion (slice it)
4.5 ounce jar of mushrooms ( can use fresh, or leave out all together)
1 package of Pioneer Roasted Beef Gravy Mix ( you need water for the mix)
Flour ( this is only to coat the meat, so enough for that maybe a cup
Seasoning - you do you on this one, I used garlic powder, you really do not need salt because there is plenty in the gravy mix. I go light on seasoning, again the gravy mix has enough flavor.  

How to get it to the table:
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Toss the stew meat in the flour, enough to coat it is all it needs.
3. Get a nice size deep skillet, I use a cast iron 10.25" inch ( one similar to mine HERE )
4. Add a bit of oil ( your choice), just enjoy so that the meat won't stick and you can throw the meat in and brown it on all sides. This is quick, your not cooking it through just browning.
5. Take the meat out (set aside), and throw onions into the same skillet and brown/saute, again this is quick. 
6. Turn heat off. Then throw the meat back into the skillet with the onions and added gravy (make before adding to skillet according to package) stir it all around. Add mushrooms (drain liquid first), stir again and add to oven (uncovered). 
7. Bake 350 for an hour and 20 minutes-ish. I bake in the skillet I cooked everything in.

8. Serve over mashed potatoes, rice, egg noodles.... again YOU DO YOU on this one. 

I serve with french green beans (Haricot Vert). I steam them and toss in Balsamic Vinegar Reduction( what i use ) and lightly seasoning with lemon pepper ( again this open to what you and your family like).

A side of cornbread ( we like Krusteaz Honey Cornbread mix and I make them in THESE) makes this comfort meal super hearty.


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