Sunday, June 17, 2018

Weekend Vibes

Before you shop you use EBATES HERE and get cash back. I ALWAYS use it and get a check in the mail.

This blue maxi dress can be found HERE , I have it in a Large (I bought in green also). It is VERY roomy, like I could use it for a tent or make two more dresses if needed. 
Its the look, loose, full and flow-y.  
Green Maxi Dress click HERE
Green Maxi Dress in Plus Size click HERE

I have these sandals on HERE but these sandals (HERE) in gold for under $15.00 are cute!

The bag, I got on Amazon. I added the link but it comes different that the one I purchases (only slightly). My mom has it, maybe you saw it when I shared on Instagram stories the other day.
You can find it HERE

Bracelets are from Abientot in Houston they have an online shop and you can find the bracelets HERE  
BONUS they are having 20% off their site with code: SUMMER20 till June 23, 2018

Earrings are from HERE

Another pair of earrings I have recently purchased are HERE

Make Up I have on in these pictures:
I did not wear foundation but did have a concealer on, find it HERE
The bronzer and eye color are both the same and you can find it HERE
The blush I have been using a ton is HERE in the color Summer House 
The Lipstick is HERE
Lip-liner is HERE and not my usual go to but I am really liking this one. You'll this combo more. 
Mascara is HERE and two tubes are under $30.00

Facial oil I have been using a ton, I love oils for my dry skin, is HERE . It cost less than a pizza! So its super inexpensive (it works)  and was a recommendation from a follower ( thank you). It can be used all over and I absolutely will order more when I run out.

* I purchased the dress in blue and green with my own money as well as the earrings. 

This week if you watch my Instagram Stories then you may have seen the box of treats I received from Barrington . It is not a secret that I have worked with them before and that I have also purchased several of their products for gifts for Pookie, my Mom, and friends.
They make beautiful products (wide range of totes, purses, travel gear and accessories) and all at  affordable prices as well as 100% customize-able. You can pick the design (shown is camouflage, but they have tons of options), leather ( three choices), and whether you would like a monogram leather patch, monogram stripes or no monogram at all.   

Pictured is the Nantucket Tote (see on website HERE ) starts at $190.00 - $210.00. 
One made to look like mine is $210.00
Measurements of tote: 18"L x 15"H x 7"D   Strap drop 9.5"
Delivery time is 10-14 days

Also seen in above photo from Barrington is the 
The Kent Key Ring Wallet ( see on website HERE) starts at $45.00 - $55.00
One made to look like mine is $55.00
Measurements of Kent Key Ring Wallet: 4.5"L x 3.25" H (closed/ as pictured above)
4.5"L x 6.5"H (opened to access identification and cards.

IMPORTANT - when you go to their website NOTE that they have their designs/patterns separated according to:
Spring/Summer Monogram Stripe
Spring/Summer Leather Patch
Fall/Winter Monogram
Fall/Winter Leather Patch
LOOK in all areas to see all the DESIGNS/PATTERNS available

Sunglasses ( mentioned above) HERE
Summer fragrances I am obsessed with:
White bottle ( my second time to repurchase) is HERE
Brown bottle (my third time to repurchase and I am getting low) is HERE
Little pink thing has my Apple Ear buds in them and you can find it HERE they come in several colors. We all have the Apple ear buds and LOVE them, so I got each one of us a different color so everyone know which belong to them. 

Clear Purse information is listed above under first picture.

* The Barrington Nantucket Tote and Kent Key Ring Wallet were both gifted to me from Barrington. I purchased everything else pictured in the above picture. 

I had these pajamas on Instagram Stories and since I had question about them, I am adding the information here ( hope it helps). I have three sets of them in pearl (white), blush (light pink) and silver ( looked taupe on Instagram stories). 
You can find them HERE  

* All three pairs of pajama sets were purchased with my own money. 

I shared these in the last post but I had more questions about them. They are $65.00, large frames (also come in same style but smaller frames), super sturdy and great looking....I mean who doesn't like a pair of aviators.
Find these in the Sahara (gold/taupe color) HERE 

Pookie also has the styles in:
OTL II  in black/tortoise
High Key in Black Smoke
Both from same website and brand.

On my wish list are:
Needing Fame in Black Smoke or Clear Brown ( not sure on color yet).
You can find them all HERE

* All three pairs of sunglasses we have in our home buy this brand have been purchased with my own money.

Some of the above links are affiliate links,  which means I  receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. It does not effect the price of the item or my opinion. My content is not in any way influenced by affiliate links. I do my best to share where I purchase items or find as similar as I can to something I have purchased in the past and is no longer available

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