Monday, July 8, 2019

Hydrangea Help

Hydrangeas are gorgeous, and I love them (who doesn't) but let's be honest they haven't always been known for there hardy blooms and lasting appeal. They tend to look fab the first day you bring them home and then brown, droopy, sad and ready for the trash the next day.  A few years ago I read a tip that seemed kind of like an old wives tale, you know the ones that you roll your eyes so hard to because there is NO WAY that could ever work on anything. 

You know some of them:
Pulling a grey hair will make two or in my case ten more appear.
Sitting to close to the television is going to give you bad eye sight. 
Eat carrots to improve your eye sight ( there are a few about eyesight apparently). I think as a kid I  would have ate an entire bucket of carrots every day if  they really improved eyesight. 
Spilling salt is bad luck. I spill everything!!!!
Drop a fork and company is coming over. 
Bad things come in threes.
Your ear is ringing someone is talking about you and not in a favorable way.
Picking up a penny on the ground is good luck, its not good luck its SMART, its money!
Don't cross your eyes they will get stuck that way.....I have a child in my home that can absolutely testify that is false.
Eating horseradish will cure a cold. Probs not but your nose will definitely start running and maybe your eyes ( mine do).
Peeing on a jellyfish sting takes the pain away. DO NOT pee on me if I am stung by a jellyfish...please and thank you.
Bulls hate the color red. Fun fact bulls are color blind.

I'm sure you all have a few of your own that you find to be words or wisdom or plain silly. Old wives tales have been around forever and probably always will be. Taking that into consideration a few years ago I thought I would give one a try in regards to hydraganes. What could it hurt, mine were already looking like doom and gloom after two days so why not try a little science experience.

This picture is of hydrangeas I bought at my local grocery store and this morning when I took the photo they have been in my home for 7 days. I changed the water for the first time this morning.  So what did I do to keep them looking nice and fluffy??

When I bring hydrangeas homes I cut the stems soak in room temp water and then get the vessel I want to place them in, my scissors ( I use THESE) and a small jar of THIS

Next fill your vessel up with water ( they seem to like room temp water, unless they are completely wilted but that's a different issue, this is to keep them from wilting so fast), nip the ends a tiny bit (remember you already trimmed them once), and dip into THIS then added to water. DONE!
I do agree that keeping the leaves out of the water is key also, leaves make a mess in the water and things get funky real fast, just keep the leaves above the water and all is good.

Happy Monday.
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